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Getting Started
with OTRS

Get all the support you need to successfully implement OTRS. We are at your side every step of the way, from your first contact with us until your system is configured and ready to run. Our customer service is always here for you.

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First steps

It’s easy to begin.

Starting with OTRS is easy. Our consultants know what matters.
They’ll pair their technical and process know-how with the knowledge
you have about your business to make sure you take exactly
the right steps to make OTRS a success.


Understanding your needs

First, we learn about your requirements and challenges. Together we’ll talk about how OTRS fits as a solution. By the end of the evaluation step, you’ll have a customized plan in place.

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Every successful partnership begins with a first date: You’ll meet with our experts and learn about the options OTRS provides. We’ll end up with a detailed picture of your situation, needs and requirements. This evaluation establishes a tailor-made project plan that takes your budget and timeline into account.


Tailoring the system to you

How do you work today, and how would you like to work tomorrow? The answers are the basis of a successful OTRS Implementation. By the end of this phase, we’ll have defined the basic configuration of your OTRS System.

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Our experts use the information you provide to establish detailed requirements for your customized OTRS System. We’ll work with you to map out specifications like access control needs, queue requirements and database design. Then, our customer solution team uses this information to implement the right setup. From there, our consultants ensure you have access to the system.

Process Consulting

Structuring your business processes

Our process consultants document and check your existing business processes. Then, they transfer these to OTRS Process Management.

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First, we’ll map and review your business process in a BPMN diagram. Our experts then recreate the documented process in OTRS by creating all required fields, notifications and dialogs. We’ll review the process with you in the test system and adjust it if need be. Finally, our management team transfers all of the modifications to the live system through our Managed Services Team.

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Now our service queue is streamlined and simply illustrated, reducing bloated structures to what is strictly necessary. The workshop helped us greatly, and by minimizing, we were able to improve our overview considerably.
Georg Rabbit, Head of IT Operations at Livit AG

Get up and
running fast.

With other companies, a rollout can take months or even years.
Not with us! We customize OTRS for your company
in a fraction of the time thanks to our proven agile approach,
making your team more productive quickly.

Next steps

Stay successful.

Our excellent customer service and targeted training ensure
that your OTRS System runs smoothly and effectively for years to come.

Customer Service

Support when you need it

Even after successful implementation, OTRS is an all-round carefree solution. We operate a professional helpdesk that is available from day one.

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Our software is as individual as the users who work with it. Everyone has different preferences and support needs. OTRS gives you lots of options – FAQs, help, email or phone. And, we’ll take care of your system updates for you, so you won’t have to.


Always stay up-to-date

Not only do we keep your system up-to-date, OTRS Training Solutions keep you up-to-date too.

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OTRS offers diverse, international training that covers all important aspects of the software. You can learn everything about OTRS, from basic usage to system administration. Not a customer yet? We’d still love to have you. Join a training session to learn more about OTRS: in our Academy. If you are interested in a public training. Book it here.


Stay up-to-date on product changes.

We not only keep your system up-to-date, but also your knowledge. Now, working with OTRS is a breeze for you.

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“With OTRS Group we have real experts on our side, supporting our organization 24 hours a day with a highly flexible and reliable service at a competitive price.”

Tony Barber, Head of GÉANT Operations Center

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