Anteriormente conocidas como Complementos de Funcionalidad, eran adquiridas individualmente y ahora están incluidas, por lo tanto, en cada nivel de contrato de OTRS.* Esto significa que cada cliente tiene acceso completo a todas las funcionalidades disponibles y, por lo tanto, puede aprovechar al máximo OTRS.

*Los complementos de funcionalidad Advanced Escalations y Web Services están excluidos de esta regla y sólo están disponibles en ciertos niveles de contrato

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Reduce the administrative workload and free teams to focus on value-added work. Automation speeds up tasks, mistakes fewer, workloads more balanced and calculations automatic. Even reporting becomes faster, more granular and more accurate.

  • Process Engine
  • Automatism for Processes
    • Automatic Start of Processes
  • Ticket Automatisms
    • Ticket Allocation
    • Service Based Queue Routing
  • Dynamic Fields
    • Calculation
    • CI
    • Attachment
  • Calendar Resource Planning
  • Credit Card Filter
  • Restore Pending Information
  • Service Categories
  • Service-based Queue Routing
  • State Preselection Response Templates
  • Ticket Time Unit Dropdown
  • Advanced Generic Agent
  • Escalation Suspend
  • Hide/Show Dynamic Fields
  • Ready2Adopt ITSM Processes
  • Ticket Allocation
  • Ticket Forms
  • Ticket Queue Selection
  • Automated FAQ Ticket Creator
  • Advanced Escalations

Increase customer satisfaction through structured multichannel communication and better exchange within teams. Customer data, existing request details and prior support experiences are quickly accessible. Share information between and among teams through dashboards, notification, and notes.

  • Mail
  • Inter-Agent Communication
    • Chat
  • Handover to Other Teams
    • Communication via notes, chats
    • WhatsApp
    • Partner integration to communicate with customers
  • Custom Contact Fields
  • Process Management Article Email
  • Specific Ticket Notifications
  • Out of Office
  • Dashboard News Widget
  • Categories for Text Modules
  • Ticket Watchlist

Empower agents to solve more problems more quickly. Organize and connect all the necessary information: customer data, requests, equipment, contracts, locations, FAQs, events, or any custom-created information. View the right level of detail with dashboards, widgets, and tickets.

  • Customer Overview
  • CMDB
  • KBA
  • Linking Objects
  • Data Transfer from Object to Object
  • CI Assignment Attribute Dynamic Field Map
  • CI References
  • Customer Frontend Link Object
  • Customer Activity Widget
  • Dashboard News Widget
  • Advanced Ticket Overview
  • CIs in Customer Frontend
  • Dynamic Field Value Import
  • Customer Event Ticket Calendar

Maximize the value of your ecosystem and gain operational efficiency. Never be constrained by duplicated data again. Connect data sources quickly and reduce custom development needs.

  • Web Services
  • WhatsApp
  • DynamicField Web Services
  • Ready2Adopt Web Services

Keep an eye on all aspects of the organization. From agent efficiency to customer satisfaction, KPIs offer actionable insights that improve performance over time.

  • Extended Ticket Stats
  • Automatic Time Accounting
  • Time and Quota Management

Protect your people, processes, and technology by organizing access to data and communications. Ensure the trustworthiness of your organization and reduce the risk of breaches.

  • Permission
  • Encryption
  • Signing
  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Delete Attachments
  • LDAP Password Notifications
  • System Configuration History
  • Restrict Customer Data View