STORM Features

Our security incident management solution supports you in responding to cyber threats quickly and efficiently. With STORM, you are ready to act immediately thanks to structured and secure communication.

17 neue Features in STORM SOAR software

Predefined recipient lists help to quickly inform the right stakeholders. Ensure consistently secure process communication.

  • Out-of-the-box processes
  • Notification templates
  • Dynamic recipients for templates
  • Process management
    • Adding special actions to sequence flow
    • Configure outgoing emails to be signed and/or encrypted

All actions on tickets and attachments are logged. You can track who has added, changed or read which information at any time.

  • Logs for tickets and downloads
  • Login-logout log

STORM has multiple ways to integrate with third-party applications via open web services standards. Data can be sent to other tools automatically or based on a process workflow, and responses can be processed in the system. You can also see events, incidents and other requests.

  • Web Services
  • Searching for existing matches of received data

Take advantage of end-to-end email encryption and signing. Block external data traffic without interference and reduce vulnerabilities.

  • Email security
    • PGP
    • S/MIME
    • Auto encryption
    • Decryption of emails on which you are BCCed
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) Support for Private Keys
  • Restricted communication
    • By default, no outgoing communication
    • Offline registration
  • Analyze attachments
  • PDF shown as image preview
  • Search article via meta filters

Out-of-the-box, STORM provides the ability to classify information using the TLP protocol and standard taxonomies. Quick access to information using tags increases productivity and saves valuable time.

  • Taxonomy
  • Color indicators
  • Tagging labels for attachments
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