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Flexible customer service solutions empowers teams to excel.

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Structure communi­cation to drive customer satisfaction and transparent service.

OTRS increases customer service quality and makes it sustainable. Customers get the care they need right from the start with simple ways to contact the support desk and automatic notification of their request’s status. Service staff time is optimized through features like communication templates, assignments and ticket histories: Their day becomes simple and efficient. Robust reporting enables you to easily set goals and track KPIs. With OTRS, everyone has the information they need to happily and successfully work together.

Effectively track customer inquiries

Are customer inquiries often lost by the help desk? With OTRS, requests are quickly organized and prioritized so this never happens. Through immediate classification, request status monitoring, automatic assignments and built-in escalation management, OTRS becomes your perfect task-tracking, time-management assistant.

Create trust with timely information

Customers want to know that you’re handling their requests, and they need to understand how long resolution will take. OTRS makes this happen. With up-to-date ticket status available online anytime, customers never have to wonder about their service needs. Watch long-term, solid and trusting customer relationships blossom when customers know that you’re actively working on their requests.

Support your service team for maximum efficiency

Everyday help desk work is challenging, so proper support through automated processes and helpful OTRS Features is necessary for your team to perform at its peak. OTRS lets departments and employees balance their workloads, proactively address recurring tasks and deliver high-quality service on time, every time.

Learn how Customer Service Software helps your company achieve better service quality.

After the OTRS Team successfully implemented the project, we saw immediate results as the rate of complaints went down to 35% in only 2 months.
Hozifa Hussein, Data Center Manager of AUW

Third-party Integration

Integrate existing systems to leverage critical customer service data.

Our customers say the ability to connect external systems or tools to their customer service management solution is the most important thing when evaluating options. With OTRS, you can connect project management tools, document management systems, CRM systems and many others via a generic interface. If you have multiple OTRS Instances, you can also benefit from the perfect interplay between them.

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Process Consulting

OTRS Consultants are your partners in business success.

Advice and support are part of our solution. Our experts use their many years of experience implementing customer service solutions to ensure that OTRS is perfectly tailored to your needs. It is our pleasure to provide you with advice and recommendations to assist you in running and growing your company.

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