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What Does Solution Desk Mean?

A solution desk like OTRS is software that includes service management tools, automation of tickets and workflows, and a wealth of different features that can be integrated into it. It helps companies solve their customers’ concerns quickly and efficiently.

Why Solution Desk?

The areas of customer service and support have changed and developed a lot in recent years. In particular, digital transformation has driven a lot of this change and will create more and more in the future. Requirements and tasks are more complex today; changes happen more frequently.

Customer service plays a decisive role in this – both internally and externally. Service is often crucial and one of the most important ways to differentiate yourself from competitors. Efficient and smooth support between internal departments are essential factors for a modern company’s success.

To meet these challenges, systems and processes must adapt and change over time too. They must do so in a way that is tailored as individually as possible to companies, departments or special requirements. And of course, associated services must adapt also.

Today, solutions are needed. Only solutions can meet individual customer needs and really help.

That’s why we see OTRS as a solution desk. Because we need a SOLUTION CULTURE.

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OTRS offers solutions and takes your outdated service desk to the next level.
With a solution desk, you can offer the best solution to your customer – quickly, easily, effectively.

We particularly liked the approach of the open structure with which OTRS can be flexibly linked to our IT systems. Experts from the specialist departments were thus able to work out a solid and tailor-made integration solution in close cooperation with the IT department.
Anne Grünkorn Head of Mobility bei LogPay Financial Services GmbH

The Evolution of the Solution Desk

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It Started With Hotlines

They were the earliest way for customers to get support. This service was primarily provided by telephone. However, they soon reached their limits, and companies found that they needed more to really meet customer concerns.

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Next Step: The Help Desk

So, the help desk was launched. Thus, support capabilities were significantly expanded. Now, agents could not only handle calls with users, but could also work with them via remote sessions or in person.

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Today: The Service Desk

Over time, and due to the ever-increasing volume of inquiries and customer concerns, a further professionalization of the help desk was required.
Processes were organized, a service catalog was created, certain areas outsourced and more services offered. Today’s service desk was born and, in many cases, was influenced by ITIL standards.

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And where are we going in the future?

For OTRS Group, this is very clear. We believe in a “solution culture” because only real solutions can meet the now highly-individualized customer needs and inquiries in a sustainable helpful way. That’s why we have developed OTRS to meet these requirements – as a solution desk. Our software turns your company’s service desk into a solution desk creating more efficiency, time and cost savings.

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What Kind of Solutions Does OTRS Offer?

  • OTRS serves as a reliable and flexible ITSM tool.
  • OTRS enables better customer service.
  • OTRS works as a security management solution.
  • OTRS simplifies facility management with its ticket system.
  • OTRS manages HR tasks.
  • OTRS provides a flexible tool for all hotlines and call centers.
  • OTRS structures document management workflows.
  • OTRS provides an optimal overview for property management teams.
  • OTRS stores easy-to-access asset data for smooth fleet management.
  • OTRS prevents resource management bottlenecks.
  • OTRS simplifies ordering and increases customer satisfaction.

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