Customer Service Software

Customer Service Software

Customer Service Software Improves the Customer Experience

As a company you want to provide your customers an optimal customer service experience. The solution to this is customer service software. It not only significantly helps to increase the quality of customer service, but also boosts the efficiency of the whole company.

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Customer service management is more important than ever.

Every customer inquiry is an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship and shape it positively for the long term. Good customer service means providing the best possible support to the customer from the first moment of contact.

This requires:

  • perfectly equipped teams with the right tools,
  • allowing the customer to make inquiries through various channels,
  • offering a solution as quickly as possible, and
  • having efficient internal and external communication.

Customer service software creates the best conditions for these.

What is customer service software?

A customer service team has to handle countless customer inquiries every day — as quickly as possible and with a satisfactory result. This is made all the more challenging today, because customers no longer contact you only via email or phone, but also via social media and other channels.
What is needed today is a tool based on a ticket system that:

  • structures communication,
  • reates transparency,
  • supports agents with assignments and
  • enables automation.
OTRS agent dashboard with customized layout

Email vs ticket system

In contrast to communication via email, with customer service software based on a ticket system, incoming requests are immediately classified and assigned to the appropriate department — whether ITSM (IT Service Management) or typical customer service. Requests end up exactly where they belong. Service requests, fault reports or purely informal inquiries are addressed to employees, departments or specific phases of the service process to ensure that they are processed quickly. All required information is available in the ticket for all involved. Escalation and notification functions support and ensure that no ticket remains unanswered. Thanks to a wide range of reporting functions, weak points can be identified at an early stage and counteracted.

In a nutshell, customer service software helps service teams handle customer requests efficiently and ensures that customers get the support they need from the start.

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What defines good customer service software?

Successful customer service management is essential for all companies. Today, this can only be achieved with a software solution that can also cope with an ever-increasing volume of requests coming in via more and more channels.

Create trust with timely information

Customers want to know that you’re handling their requests, and they need to understand how long resolution will take. Customer service software offers up-to-date ticket status, available online anytime: Customers never have to wonder about their service needs. Watch long-term, solid and trusting customer relationships blossom when customers know that you’re actively working on their requests.

Fast and structured service for customers

Customers rightfully expect fast response times and the right information. Ticket-based communication enables efficient, structured work. All information is bundled and can be accessed by all team members at any time. Every service employee is immediately up-to-date and can resolve inquiries as fast as possible. This automatically leads to a significantly optimized customer experience and better efficiency. You retain your customers through individual service and top performance.

OTRS Agent Dashboard
OTRS process management editor

Save time and reduce costs with tickets and process automation

Structured processes and all information at a glance get rid of the confusing and inefficient email flood. Ticket-based customer service software with automates customer service processes saves your teams a lot of which reduces your costs and optimizes customer service.

Optimized cross-departmental collaboration

When processing a service request, different teams are often involved, and information needs to be exchanged. Ticket-based communication and clear responsibilities by assigning tickets to the responsible teams or team members creates clarity and structure. Defined response times help you to meet SLAs.

Fewer inquiries with self-service support

An unsubmitted customer service request that has been successfully resolved is the best possible scenario for your customers and your business. Help your customers through self-service. Customer service software that allows customers to retrieve information themselves saves your team service requests and saves your company a valuable resource: time.

Predefined questions and answers can be searched with a dynamic search tools. Pages with specific information about your services and products or documents to download give your customers the possibility to get information on their own. This allows your support team to focus on the inquiries that require advanced service.

Easier access by bundling all digital channels

Today, good customer service takes place on all channels. Whether social media, email, live chat, contact forms, or telephone – with customer service software, you bundle all channels and process the enquiries centrally.

Improved customer service quality through reporting

Customer service software offers you the possibility to check service quality at any time. With the help of reports, which could also be combined with each other, you have access to important key figures whenever you want and know when you need to take action. You act faster and with more foresight – ultimately a competitive advantage.

OTRS Customer Service Software – Next Level Service Management.

With OTRS, customers get the support they need right from the start. Service agents’ time is optimized. Your day becomes simple and efficient. Robust reporting allows you to easily set goals and track KPIs. With OTRS, everyone has the information they need to collaborate happily and ensure fast response times

OTRS is not only customer service software that offers both your customers and your support team the highest level of convenience, security and service management flexibility. OTRS customer service solutions are also perfectly tailored to your needs. You ensure efficient work, automated processes and fast response times – make your customers and your team happy. In addition you reduce costs and can scale up whenever needed.

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OTRS Customer Service Software and all its advantages.

More than flexible.

OTRS is as changeable as your company, because your instance is configured specifically for you. Regardless of the vision you have for your company and support team, OTRS will grow with your requirements and the needs of your company and customers. OTRS customer service software offers limitless freedom and flexibility: Choose from over 2,500 individually configurable functionalities, which can be modified, adapted or even configured yourself. Strengthen the loyalty of your customers with smart and efficient customer service.

Today, flexibility is more important than ever: OTRS enables your teams to work in a decentralized way – browser-based or via an app, there are no limits.

Customer service software from OTRS – Benefits at a glance

  • Individually configured – set up just as you need it
  • Over 2,500 flexible configuration options
  • Integrates easily with existing or third-party applications
  • Saves time daily with process management and automation


  • Quickly adopted by employees and agents
  • Clearly documents activities and keeps everyone on task with easy reporting
  • GDPR-compliant.
  • Long-term cost reductions
After the OTRS Team successfully implemented the project, we saw immediate results, as the rate of complaints went down to 35% in only 2 months.
Hozifa Hussein, Data Center Manager of AUW