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Improve Customer Experience with OTRS, the World’s Leading Customer Service Software

Offer your customers the best possible service. Help them get in touch quickly – whether by email, telephone or your website.

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It has never been so easy to contact your company…

Every customer inquiry is an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship and to positively enhance it long-term. In order to achieve this, however, optimal conditions must be created: OTRS customer service software helps establish these. Incoming tickets are immediately classified and assigned to the appropriate department. Requests land exactly where they should, meaning fast processing and a positive experience for the customer. Thanks to integrated reporting and dashboards, lost customer inquiries are a thing of the past. The OTRS escalation management functionality also includes the individual configuration of reminders, response times and SLAs. With OTRS customer service software, you are able to integrate your company’s processes any time you need them.

Benefits of using OTRS Customer Service Software:

  • Individually configured – set up just as you need it
  • Over 1,440 flexible configuration options
  • Integrates easily with existing or third-party applications
  • Saves time daily with process management
  • Quickly adopted by employees and agents
  • Clearly documents activities and keeps everyone on task with easy reporting
  • Long-term cost reductions


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Optimize your service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with integrated solutions – OTRS Customer Service Software

Provide your customers with an exceptional and unique customer support experience. OTRS is the customer service software that offers both your customers and your support team the highest level of convenience, security and virtually unlimited flexibility.
More efficient work, automated processes and fast response times – make your customers and your team happy!

Optimize work processes and procedures with OTRS Customer Service Software – efficient, plannable and cross-departmental.

In every company there are standardized recurring processes and workflows which can be optimally organized by OTRS process and communication templates, query masks, assignments, continuous documentation and ticket histories. The integrated process management functionality thus enables even more precise work. Due to its simple uncomplicated operation, the process management component even makes it possible for your employees to adapt processes or create new process templates – without any training at all.

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More than flexible – Customer Service Software adapts to your business needs and grows with your vision.

OTRS customer management software is as changeable as your company, because your instance is configured specifically for you. Regardless of the vision you have for your company and support team, OTRS will grow with your requirements and the needs of your company and customers. OTRS customer management software offers limitless freedom and flexibility: Choose from over 1,440 individually configurable functionalities, which can be modified, adapted or even configured yourself. Strengthen the loyalty of your customers with smart and efficient customer service.

After the OTRS Team successfully implemented the project, we saw immediate results, as the rate of complaints went down to 35% in only 2 months.
Hozifa Hussein, Data Center Manager of AUW

Customer Service Software and all its advantages…

Safety First – customer service software with the highest level of security to protect your data and that of your customers

ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers, encryption via S/MIME or PGP, data protection and daily backups – data must be protected. With OTRS customer management software you enjoy the highest standard of security.

SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Center – OTRS customer service software can be perfectly integrated…

One reason why OTRS customer service software is one of the world’s most widely used software solutions is that it integrates perfectly with the company’s existing applications. OTRS‘ Generic Interface and XSLT Mapping Module allow easy integration of existing systems and customization of interfaces. This significantly reduces the risks, effort and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces. 
With the XSLT Mapping Module in OTRS it is possible to adapt incoming and outgoing data structures to and from third party systems to the OTRS data structures – without complex programming or Perl know-how.