OTRS001 Full-time, part-time, office or home

OTRS Podcast 001 Kathrin Triebel
Episode: 1
Full-time, part-time, office or home - what´s the best way for working mums in and after the pandemic? Kathrin Triebel, Director Human Relations, talks about her own experiences and gives hands-on advice.

Welcome to the first OTRS podcast.

We are looking forward to presenting you with exciting discussion partners from different areas in the future. We will start with a very current topic and the right expert. We talk to Kathrin Triebel, Director Human Relations at OTRS, about how much home office is good for employees and the company. We also wanted to know if it makes sense to work back in the office to keep in touch with the company and colleagues. Find out more about what you can do to get to know and support employees in decentralized teams better and how important Kathrin thinks a well-established corporate culture is. Have fun and get some exciting insights.