Release Note

OTRS 8 Patch Level 16

September 6 , 2021 — OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® 4-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM, today announces the first release of the OTRS 8 patch level 16.


Important for Upgrading

Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.


  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Improved generation of support bundles.
  • Improved TwoFactor mechanism for agents and customer users hich are using SSO authentication.
  • Improved log mechanism to prevent issue with newer versions of Perl.
  • Improved access token handling for cluster environments.


Bug Fixes

Faulty cron event time calculation in local system time zone. Scheduled tasks like generic agent jobs or sending reports are using the local system time provided by the operating system OTRS is running on. Whenever the execution time for a scheduled task is changed, please restart the OTRS Daemon. Please verify the execution times for all configured scheduled tasks in your OTRS system. Important: The execution of scheduled tasks which should occur while DST may fail.

  • Ticket#2021052042000826 – Result of subtraction is wrong if Number1 and Number2 are equal.
  • Ticket#2021062542001191 – Inline editing for ‘lock’ attribute does not set correct owner.
  • Ticket#2021061842001453 – Widget scroll bars stay above open forms.
  • Ticket#2021070842000542 – Layout color changes not applied to Jumbo Tron in External Interface.
  • Ticket#2021070642000715 – Archived tickets are not shown in organizer and archive filter does not affect organizer.
  • Ticket#2021061842000945 – Process Management: Permissions are not respected for Owner and Responsible fields if there is no Queue field.
  • Ticket#2021033042001195 – No effect of Frontend::RichTextHeight setting for the editor height.
  • Ticket#2021033042000598 – Ticket listing in customer information and ticket list not working if customer id contains special characters.
  • Ticket#2021032042000241 – Web service fails to assign ticket to deactivated user with ID 1.
  • Ticket#2021030442001029 – Dynamic finder results not scrollable.
  • Ticket#2021012742002659 – Mobile App: Chat Bubble is not responsive in portrait mode.
  • Ticket#2020041642001221 – Shown entries in burger menu jump around.
  • Ticket#2021022642000946 – Unwanted white area at the bottom in dark style with a large organizer and small main content.
  • Ticket#2021072942000502 – Unchecking dynamic field checkbox in generic agent is not working anymore.
  • Added XSLT template processing for outgoing emails. (Ticket#2021022542000797)
  • Ticket#2021070842000819 – Improved PostMaster filters.
  • Ticket#2021030442000995 – Doubled tab selection arrow.
  • Ticket#2021070242001178 – Process Information widget is not well accessible using high contract skin.
  • Ticket#2021062842000739 – Organizer Item List preview is wrong in Safari.
  • Ticket#2021052842000606 – Wrong article time frame grouping in the communication stream after adding of a new article.
  • Ticket#2021060242003874 – Hardcoded dashboard named route on the header logo.
  • Ticket#2021062542001538 – Invalid states configured in Queue Metric dashboard widget (totals) leads to a 404 error.
  • Ticket#2021022242005716 – Incorrect order of history entries per user.
  • Ticket#2021030542000886 – Article Dynamic Field not displayed in column of communication compact widget.
  • Ticket#2021062842001658 – AgentFrontend::Ticket::InlineEditing::Property###Watch does not work.
  • Ticket#2021062442001003 – ACLs with CustomerUser in ‘Match’ part are not working.
  • Ticket#2021061642005024 – Missing description for screen readers at hide/show button for password at login.
  • Ticket#2021071542001046 – Menu is not scrollable in all situations.
  • Ticket#2021051242005391 – Appointment Calendar: UTC instead of user time setting is used.


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.


  • OTRS 9 will not support Internet Explorer anymore.
  • OTRS 9 will not support Oracle as application database anymore.


OTRS Group managed customers who are using product versions that are reaching end of maintenance and support must be updated by our Customer Solution Team by scheduling an individual maintenance appointment in order to continue receiving necessary releases and support. OTRS On-Premise customers must obtain a newer product version by ordering our migration services.

Release Details