Release Note

OTRS 8 Patch Level 2

April 27, 2020 — OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® V3-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM, today announces the first release of the OTRS 8 patch level 2.


Important for Upgrading

Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.


  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Added limitation of certain article actions to built-in communication channels. Previously Reply, Reply to All, Forward and Reply via SMS article actions were visible for all communication channels, even if the actions were not aware of their data structure.
  • Improved chat request flyout stylings.
  • Fixed not shown multiselect dynamic field.
  • Fixed issue that led to creation of duplicated articles, if the form was submitted multiple times in quick succession. The root cause was that attachment uploads were being done in the background, and were not preventing the form from being submitted.
  • Fixed bug when splitting the ticket – it was possible to split the ticket for Phone and Email articles only.
  • Added new validator for the file upload type.
  • Improved display of elements in the block illegal usage post auth module.
  • Fixed an issue with Safari where fixed position elements in the frontend (e.g. notification toast messages) would not stay in their position while scrolling.
  • Fixed minor issues in the multiple customer user backend support.
  • Fixed news widget.
  • Improved widgets – clicking on the title expands/collapses the widget.
  • Changed minimum version requirements for MySQL to “5.7 or higher” and MariaDB to “10.2 or higher”.
  • Added migration for “Screen After New Ticket” user preference.
  • Added more debugging information in the error log when system fails to create DateTime object.
  • Fixed Download statistic button after opening widget settings in the Dashboard statistic widget.
  • Improved wording in error screens across the agent interface application.
  • Implemented handling for the dynamic field contact with data in the new agent interface. The translatable values option in the admin screens was removed, as it was never really supported. The handling of limitation of field only ticket object type was improved in the admin management screen.
  • Added redirect to ‘Home’ in case organizer item is deleted.
  • Fixed internal server error when executing a search without document search server running.
  • Added migration for the links in the notification templates.
  • Fixed permission check for Calendar action “Edit Appointment”.
  • Removed leftover sandbox code which was used for development purposes.
  • Removed not needed request on initial load for the last filter preset update.
  • Added tooltip to filter preset name to show non-truncated preset name.
  • Extended two-factor auth setup list endpoint to support browser trust feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the notify module toasts would appear during the post authentication phase, when interaction with the rest of the application is not possible. For example, toast message to open preferences in order to change user’s timezone would not work, if the user has to setup a two-factor method or change their password first.
  • Fixed an issue where interaction with widget bulk actions and additional filters was possible even when the widget settings flyout was open. This allowed for a possibility to inadvertently remove currently selected linked items, since the icons to close the flyout and delete links are very similar.
  • Fixed an issue where the actions menu of the calendar overview would not list any actions in case there were no calendars defined in the system.
  • Improved the load of the dynamic fields in business object list filters and configurable forms.
  • Improved the close handling in the business object actions.
  • Fixed problem with customer user and customer company handling.
  • Fixed hardcoded ticket hook in user-facing text in the plain article action.
  • Fixed warning message to set personal chat channels in case there are no channels defined in the system, other than default one.
  • Fixed non-working execution of ticket article action form drafts. Previously, clicking on ticket article action drafts in the corresponding widget didn’t result in anything open.
  • Fixed user configuration issue with flag for inline editing, which was not correctly synced from the system configuration.
  • Improved process and process activity property cards from the Properties widget in the ticket detail view.
  • Fixed appointment calendar search results links.
  • Dropped not needed SysConfig setting AgentFrontend::Ticket::RedirectAfterCloseDisabled .
  • Fixed issue where custom uploaded agent avatar would be cleared in case the preference form is saved, but there is no avatar preference on the screen.
  • Improved active filters of the recently closed static ticket list. Previously, even currently open tickets would show up in the list.
  • Updated CPAN module Crypt::JWT, which requires a more recent version of CryptX to be installed in the system (at least 0.067). bin/ --all will detect this.
  • Fixed issue in the Linked Appointments widget, where clicking on the row in the table didn’t lead to the correct calendar appointment.
  • Added ticket article preview feature in the business object list screen. By hovering over the Title or Subject columns in the list screen, a popover will show preview of the last ticket articles.
  • Updated vulnerability disclosure policy.
  • Improved the error reporting for effective value check of SysConfig settings.
  • Improved the API client configuration handling so it will be deployed at runtime. It is not required anymore to rebuild the frontend apps whenever WebApp::APIClient settings are modified.
  • Removed deprecated FAQ::Explorer settings from the renamed settings migration module. They were causing issues during migration of systems which had them previously modified.
  • Added migration module for the legacy search templates into the organizer items. The profile last-search will not be migrated.
  • Added missing access module for the Send SMS link in the new action menu of the agent interface. The menu item was visible even if the SMS cloud service was not active.
  • Fixed installation of NPM dependencies when starting the development web server with the --deploy-asseets switch.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug#12361 – utf8mb4 character set generates ERROR 1071 (42000) at line 7: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes.
    • All new MySQL systems should be set up using the utf8mb4 database character set. The config template Kernel/ contains a switch that activates support for this by default.
    • Older systems still using the utf8 MySQL database charset can use the command Maint::Database::MySQL::UTF8MB4Migration to convert their database to utf8mb4. Then also the new switch needs to be added to Kernel/ after the migration:
    • $Self->{'Database::mysql::utf8mb4'} = 1;
  • Bug#15035 – Missing Perl dependency in CheckModules script (Moo).
  • Bug#15057 – External Ticket Number Recognition does not populate DynamicField if considered as follow-up by another PostMaster filter.
  • Bug#14744 – Wrong label in elastic search results. If the match was found in the attachment, the result shows Article label.
  • Bug#15028 – If a system has too many web notifications daemon cannot delete them.
  • Bug#15034 – When replying to the customer user, the email address is added to the CC field instead of the To field.
  • Bug#14927 – Ticket detail screen doesn’t update after the script task is completed in process management of the External Interface. Instead “Processing please wait…” message is shown, but nothing happens afterwards, until the application is reloaded.
  • Bug#15011 – Incorrect handling of expect header using reverse proxy. Requests to the generic interface sending the header ‘Expect: 100-continue’ are stalling and then time out.


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.

Note: OTRS 9 will not support Internet Explorer anymore.


OTRS Group managed customers who are using product versions that are reaching end of maintenance and support must be updated by our Customer Solution Team by scheduling an individual maintenance appointment in order to continue receiving necessary releases and support. OTRS On-Premise customers must obtain a newer product version by ordering our migration services.


Release Details

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    OTRS 8 Patch Level 2
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