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Work with the Original

OTRS Group is a company with a history, with roots in Open Source, with a passion for software development and with enthusiasm to support its customers. Trust the creator of OTRS, because who knows more about the software than the manufacturer himself?

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Directly from the Manufacturer

Solid, reliable, functional and customizable – the OTRS solution desk, produced by the company OTRS Group, offers a multitude of options for individual customization. No matter if your business is a start-up, an SME or a large corporation, it is configured around your needs. Depending on requirements such as ITSM, Corporate Security or Customer Service Management, a customer can freely configure the software using feature add-ons, efficiently leading his company to success.

As a customer of the manufacturer, you can be sure that the software will be constantly enhanced. And, if there are requirements that are not yet covered by existing feature add-ons, our OTRS experts will find a solution for your needs.

OTRS means continuous quality!

Don’t Bet Your Business on a Grey Market Solution

The People
Behind OTRS

Good software is the foundation, but excellent support makes the difference between success and frustration. There are some [grey market] vendors who distribute the open source version, ((OTRS)) Community Edition, when offering their services. But businesses who want the most up-to-date version of OTRS, complete with qualified support, work directly with the OTRS Group.

First, an OTRS consultant evaluates the current and target company goals. On the basis of this and joint workshops, configuration and implementation requirements are developed.

This is followed by OTRS installation and subsequent training in which you become an expert in the software yourself. As an OTRS Group customer, your personal contact person, the OTRS consultant, along with the entire OTRS support team are available to answer your questions or make suggestions.

As the official manufacturer of OTRS, it is very important to us to satisfy our customers at all times, because our goal is to give companies the freedom to be successful.

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Its flexibility is extensive and it offers the best ITIL®-compliant functionality for responding to the requirements of our fast-moving business. I felt that other solutions were extremely rigid and any customization would have led to development investments on top of a cost prohibitive licensing structure for our medium-sized company.
Chris Bates, Information Systems & Infrastructure Manager at Cogetech

Everything from one source!

The Advantages of Working Together with the Software Manufacturer

Imagine you want to buy a product from a certain brand – be it the new SLR camera from Nikon or the new iPhone from Apple. Have you ever tried to find it cheaper? Perhaps looked at copies of the product or tried to find it on illegal distribution channels? Finding a product this way means you are shopping on the grey market, which can lead to problems for you down the road. It’s always better to work directly with the official product manufacturer.

1. Continuous Software Development

A key benefit of choosing the [software] manufacturer over a [grey market] provider is that you gain a holistic approach to development. As the manufacturer of OTRS, we ensure that our products are constantly developed in line with modern business needs and today’s security standards, and that our services are always improving, which creates a special customer experience. We achieve this through constant market observation and regular exchanges with our customers – a holistic approach.

2. Save Money with Expert Advice Directly from the Manufacturer

The fact that nobody knows more about the software than the manufacturer himself is of crucial importance. Customers can be sure that their concerns and requirements are handled professionally at all times when working with OTRS Group. Grey market providers, on the other hand, must first gain deeper insight into the software in order to solve a problem. A lot of time is lost, which can cause unnecessary costs for you.

3. Always Up-To-Date

When customers work together with the software manufacturer, they are always up-to-date regarding updates, patches or innovations concerning the software and related services – whether through a personal conversation, a newsletter or social media postings. Regular surveys by the OTRS Group, as the official OTRS software vendor, enable our customers to give feedback.

4. Stability and Consistency through Proven Software

OTRS offers a variety of feature add-ons that can be used to customize the software to the individual needs of any organization. Using feature add-ons that have been developed and verified by the OTRS Group ensures on-going stability of the system architecture. Features from grey market vendors are subject to inconsistencies, which can affect other functions and functionalities or even create security vulnerabilities.

5. Last but Not Least, the Most Important Thing: Guaranteed IT Security

Stronger data protection should also lead to more conscious handling of sensitive data and a reduction in security vulnerabilities. In many companies, this has not yet been fully successful.

In contrast to grey market providers, whose systems often have an unstable architecture, software manufacturers such as OTRS Group guarantee reliability: Security gaps are closed immediately by updates and patches, thus preventing possible data loss.

Rely on the original.

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Trust the Original.

Avoid these five mistakes when working with software vendors.

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