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How does OTRS protect my data from external access?

OTRS Managed Systems use a four-tier authorization concept. Only selected team members can access the application, and user selection is carefully considered. Registration is via an SSH key, not by a username/password login. The SSH keys are regularly changed, ensuring that a “man-in-the-middle” attack is impossible.

Data stored in OTRS is encrypted at the file level with AES 265 encryption. Our data centers are secured with security locks as well as ID checks.

Customers who select a GOLD package or higher are assigned a dedicated server. OTRS strictly separates production from test systems, and each access is logged and evaluated. We operate a monitoring system with integrated alarm that is triggered when suspicious activity is detected.

Can I get an OTRS Support Contract if I don't select one of the four service packages?

Our services are exclusively reserved for customers who have opted for one of the OTRS Managed Solutions. Our goal is to always ensure the best possible service. We can only guarantee this if our Experts are familiar with all the details of your OTRS Instance.

Can I get OTRS without consulting services?

If you already have a lot of experience with OTRS, you can purchase a software service contract only. Consulting services are optional.

However, we recommend new customers take advantage of our consultants’ expertise, so you get the maximum benefit from OTRS and avoid unnecessary support time and costs down the road.

Where are the servers located?

We typically manage OTRS from our data centers in Germany, which maintain ISO 27001 certification. We also use data centers in the UK, Canada, USA and Singapore. If necessary, additional locations can be offered.

Can I further customize OTRS with development services?

We offer custom development services. Contact us for details.

How do managed OTRS Services differ from pure hosting services?

With pure hosting, the service provider only manages the server space, and the customer must install and administer an application on that server.

OTRS is a completely managed solution. We take care of both hardware and platform management, with appropriate monitoring, updates and upgrades for your operating system and database(s). Our complete application management service includes the application, administration and implementation of required patches and upgrades. We also take care of critical security updates.

Can I run OTRS in my own data center?

Yes. Contact us for details.

Where can I find the open source version of OTRS?

The source code for the open version of OTRS is available at community.otrs.com.

Why should I participate in the certification?

  • Our certificate supports your perception as an expert.
  • It increases your reputation as a specialist.
  • The certificate is a benefit for your references.
  • It assures a standardized level of knowledge within the team.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is always issued on the current OTRS release and will therefore not lose its validity.

What is the registration deadline?

Deadline for registration is one week prior to examination date.

What will the examination look like?

Our exam consists of multiple choice questions. With the multiple-choice questions, single and multiple answers are possible. The questions will be offered through an online platform. Depending on the difficulty level, you receive between one and three points per question.

The following categories are part of the exam:

  • OTRS Terminology & Usage
  • OTRS Installation
  • Authorization Concepts
  • Administration Tasks
  • Implementing Business Logics (PostmasterFilters, Generic Agents, event-based Notifications, ACLs)
  • Filesystem/Shell
  • Configuration (Config.pm and system configuration)
  • OTRS Process Management

How can I prepare myself for the exam?

Ideally, you should attend OTRS Administrator Training. We also recommend that you have at least 6 months experience as an OTRS Administrator.

In which languages can I take the exam?

We offer the certification exam in German and English.

Can I repeat the test if I don't pass?

Yes, you can retake the examination at any time and without any waiting period.

How much does the certification cost?

The certification costs $325.

How do I find out about my results?

We inform you about the result of the test by email. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certificate a few days later by mail.

How long does the exam take?

The exam lasts 90 minutes.

OTRS Services by Release

Overview of OTRS services that are available for each release.

OTRS 5 and OTRS 5s
Older OTRS Releases
Set Up & Configuration
Inhouse Training
Review & Optimization
OTRS 5 and OTRS 5s
Older OTRS Releases
Bug Fixes
Critical Security Fixes
Porting Individualized Features
Developing Individualized Features
Professional Support
OTRS 5 and OTRS 5s
Older OTRS Releases
OTRS On-Premise
Support Services

We are also pleased to provide support for older versions.