Do It Your Way: OTRS 8

Fast. Modern. Secure.

Because There’s No One Like You,
OTRS 8 is Your Solution Desk.

We give companies the freedom to be successful while also letting each individual work in a way that’s best for themselves. After all, every company has individual requirements as does every team and every person! OTRS 8 is a software solution that lets you achieve service delivery success while allowing for individual preferences and ensuring efficient structured communication. And, it makes work fun, because work is most successful when it’s fun.

OTRS 8 – because you matter. Available on March 27, 2020.

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OTRS 8 is fast because employees can completely customize their workspaces and receive information in real-time. Everything happens within the browser window of your agents – without time-consuming reloading of pages. Request details can be updated without waiting and responses are sent immediately. To find more detailed information, simply hover over the customer, agent or another request element: you will immediately see all important information. This speeds up your work and nothing is ever overlooked.

„Fast in OTRS 8 means easier collaboration, up-to-date data, faster decisions and fewer actions needed to interact with the tool and relevant data.“

Manuel Hecht, Vice President Global Software Development OTRS Group

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OTRS 8 offers a completely new user experience with an entirely new interface that includes contemporary, highly-efficient work areas, an attractive design, modern controls and optimized user guidance. With a few clicks, you can create your own organizer space and assign icons to various links for easy access. Newly-created lists can be searched, filtered and saved as templates in real-time. In addition, our new column layout allows you to individually customize the way you view process details, tickets, FAQs, articles or the dashboard. In pulse mode, all activities and changes to your lists are updated instantly. Of course, OTRS 8 can be used on mobile devices, just as you would expect from a modern web application.

„Modern in OTRS 8 means improved efficiency, a quick ramp up for new users, more fun through a modern design, personalization and an intuitive user interface.“

Richard McCutchan, UI / UX Designer OTRS Group

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Security is the highest priority for us. Therefore, data protection, reduced potential for attack and client-server encryption are not options at OTRS Group: they are certainties. Plus, OTRS 8 was developed using Privacy by Design principles. Therefore, OTRS 8 includes two-factor authentication by default that can be configured and monitored by your admins. End-to-end encryption is standard and the fully-managed environment operates in accordance with GDPR requirements. With OTRS 8, you enjoy the benefits of cloud services without the risks.Plus, with OTRS 8, you are supported by a team of in-house security experts who are working on your behalf. It doesn’t get any better than this.

„In OTRS 8, secure means safer login, end-to-end encryption, a secure managed private cloud and a whole company of experts dedicated to maintaining your reputation.“

Jens Bothe, Director Global Consulting OTRS Group

Be true to yourself – OTRS 8.

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