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Accessibility Barrier-Free Access
Barrier-Free Access

User interface allows for quick access to accessibility and screen reader requirements. Additionally, user guide pages explain available access keys.

Accessibility High-Contrast Theme
High-Contrast Theme

High contrast of all the individual elements of the graphical user interface allow unrestricted work within OTRS, even in low-light conditions or by those with low vision.

Business Object Management

Business Object Management Stripes

Service agents benefit from small widgets called stripes that are found within the detailed view of tickets or other business objects. Stripes contain just enough detail to convey the most important information. This is especially convenient when business objects contain dozens of data and information widgets. The stripes show who else is involved in cases or processes and who has done what in the past: You know everything about people involved, changes and other details at a glance and stay informed about responsibilities, events and occurrences without spending a lot of time analyzing history tables or long communication histories.

Business Object Management Business Object Lists
Business Object Lists

Open search results via the personal organizer's business object list icons. Update information with one click. Get an overview of all ticket or KBA properties from your personal organizer. Always live information, no reloading required, inline editing with one click.

Business Object Management Business Object Detail Views
Business Object Detail Views

Personal 1, 2 or 3-column screen settings allow you to customize all aspects of the business object screens. Furthermore, detail views show all information about a business object, such as status, persons involved, attachments, communication, escalations, etc.

Business Object Management Service Catalog
Service Catalog

List of services that is provided when creating a request for service (service request) or identifying a service that can no longer be used (incident).

Business Object Management Draft Mode for Notes & Emails
Draft Mode for Notes & Emails

Note and email forms can be saved as drafts on the ticket and edited at a later time.

Business Object Management Internal and External Notes
Internal and External Notes

Articles can be added to internal communication as a note. External permission can be allowed if desired.

Business Object Management Bulk Actions
Bulk Actions

The bulk action allows one or more actions (such as a status change, queue change, dynamic field updates, etc.) to be executed on one or more tickets at the same time.

Business Object Management Link Layer
Link Layer

Tickets (and other objects) can be linked in OTRS. In each ticket, you can see all relevant tickets from other queues.

Business Object Management Parent, Child and Custom Link Relations
Parent, Child and Custom Link Relations

Have all related business objects available in one screen. This allows to know about relevant relationships, rather than searching for possible relationships to other business objects that are not documented.


Channels Social Media Channels
Social Media Channels

Social media profile integration makes it possible to connect OTRS with social media channels. This allows agents to send and receive messages and communicate with social media users like with customer users. This feature stores the messages in the tickets as articles.

Channels Live Chat
Live Chat

Chat functionality with an overview of all users. Forwards to an alternative contact form if all agents are offline.

Channels Customer Service Center
Customer Service Center

Self Service Center gives access to tickets, knowledge base, service catalog. It is also adaptable to your corporate design. Create individual pages with company relevant content. Includes all articles of communication which are visible for the customer.

Channels SMS Communication Channel
SMS Communication Channel

SMS can be sent automatically or manually.

Channels Phone Communication Channel
Phone Communication Channel

Documentation of incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

Channels Email Communication Channel
Email Communication Channel

Actively send, reply to and forward incoming and outgoing email via email articles as one would do in a traditional email client.

Security & Permissions

Security & Permissions Brute Force Attack Protection
Brute Force Attack Protection

Block access once too many incorrect logins have been tried.

Security & Permissions Customer Data Modification Permission Controls
Customer Data Modification Permission Controls

Individually restricted access to customer data for agents and customer users.

Security & Permissions Personal Notification Permission Groups
Personal Notification Permission Groups

Notifications based on group assignment - especially helpful when OTRS is being used across multiple departments.

Security & Permissions Password Policies
Password Policies

Ensure that user login requirements comply with company policies.

Security & Permissions Change Role to User
Change Role to User

Administrators can log on as an agent user in order to define configuration parameters so that they can help troubleshoot problems or check the effectiveness of new permissions.

Security & Permissions Change Role to Customer User
Change Role to Customer User

Permission for agents to log on as customer users to define configuration parameters.

Security & Permissions Change Role to Administrator
Change Role to Administrator

Restrict access to the administrator interface to users who have previously authenticated successfully as agents, including any 2FA and password policy checks

Security & Permissions Real-Time Data Enrichment
Real-Time Data Enrichment

Depending on the data in a ticket, a mouse-over can be used to display an inline window which can dynamically call a web address. For example, a package's delivery status can be displayed if the package's number is stored in the ticket.

Security & Permissions Email Filter Support for Encrypted Emails
Email Filter Support for Encrypted Emails

Often, filters can't be used for encrypted email. Via an extension of the filter options in OTRS, filtering and preprocessing are possible for encrypted email.

Security & Permissions Encryption & Signing for Email Notifications
Encryption & Signing for Email Notifications

Enables not only the encryption of the communication between the customer and the agent, but also the information sent to the agent, by encrypting and signing the notifications.

Security & Permissions Support for S/MIME Certificates from LDAP
Support for S/MIME Certificates from LDAP

In order to avoid duplicate uploads of S/MIME certificates, OTRS can access the directory service directly and pick up the S/MIME certificate automatically before sending emails.

Security & Permissions Encryption & Signing for Emails via S/MIME or PGP
Encryption & Signing for Emails via S/MIME or PGP

Emails can be encrypted and signed via S/MIME and PGP.

Security & Permissions Encrypted Data Transfer
Encrypted Data Transfer

All data transmitted to or from OTRS can be encrypted via SSL. This ensures a constantly secure connection between communication partners at all times.

Security & Permissions 2-Factor Authentication
2-Factor Authentication

In addition to requiring a user name and password, a token can also be requested from the user. This token must be uniquely created via an ISO-certified algorithm. The principle has been used for many years and is a proven security benefit.

Select the preferred 2FA method (email, SMS, App).

Security & Permissions Owner & Responsible Assignment
Owner & Responsible Assignment

Each ticket is assigned to an owner so that the person who is working on the ticket (or who last worked on it) is easily recognizable. In addition, a second agent can be assigned as the person responsible, receiving full rights to the ticket. The department manager or a project manager is often entered here.

Security & Permissions Group Based Access Control Management
Group Based Access Control Management

With role, group and ACL-based rights management, an extremely detailed structure of access rights can be set up, if required.

Automation & Processes

Automation & Processes Primary / Secondary
Primary / Secondary

This feature allows agents to link tickets via a primary/secondary relationship, which corresponds to a parent or child link.

Once linked, it provides the possibility to update only the primary ticket; one, several or even all secondary tickets at the same time; or the primary ticket and all or selected secondary tickets automatically. Therefore, with an e-mail starting from the primary ticket, all linked customers could then receive the same message at the same time. Or, notes can be added to the primary ticket with or without updating the secondary tickets.

Also, in using this feature, agents get a better overview of how many cases are associated with a single issue. This feature is great for IT problem management or whenever multiple customers are affected at the same time.

Automation & Processes Process Service Task Activities
Process Service Task Activities

Outsource business and processing logic via web services to systems that are responsible or best suited for it.

Automation & Processes Email Filter Support
Email Filter Support

Perform actions (such as changing the queue or setting status and priority) on an email based on keyword-based filters.

Automation & Processes Process User Task Activities
Process User Task Activities

Activity-dependent forms within a process.

Automation & Processes Ticket Update with CI Data
Ticket Update with CI Data

Fully automated access to the CMDB to link CIs or to complete the process ticket with CI data.

Automation & Processes Process Script Task Activities
Process Script Task Activities

Automate process activities with build-n scripts that allow you to push and pull data between various business object types used in the process or elsewhere.

Automation & Processes Corporate Design in Process Tickets
Corporate Design in Process Tickets

Rich text and attachments make it easy to create automated emails in a corporate design.

Automation & Processes Text Modules for Processes
Text Modules for Processes

Processes also support text templates for consistent quality in language & font.

Automation & Processes BPMN-compliant Wording in Process Management
BPMN-compliant Wording in Process Management

The element names of the process modeler have been adapted to the BPMN ISO naming convention.

Automation & Processes Custom Process Forms
Custom Process Forms

Process dialogues (user task activity dialogs) provide a very simple solution for creating individual forms. These are then available for use within ticket activities and thus guide the agent through ticket processing.

Automation & Processes Custom Business Processes
Custom Business Processes

Comprehensive module to create your own activities and set them up individually.

Automation & Processes Automatic Notifications
Automatic Notifications

Set up automatic notifications to different recipients via numerous channels without reviewing the entire distribution list.

Automation & Processes Text Modules
Text Modules

Text-based templates, including the subject text, can be saved and reused as needed. Perfect for answering email, documenting calls or recording meetings.

Automation & Processes Classification and Categorization of Tickets
Classification and Categorization of Tickets

Tickets can be prioritized and sorted automaticlly within tables. Assignment can be made to queues, agents, customers, categories, services, SLAs, etc.

Time Management

Time Management Support for Personal out of Office Times
Support for Personal out of Office Times

Configure out-of-office time in advance for several periods at once. This prevents the assignment of tickets while the owner is absent, and customer replies unlock tickets when the owner is not available.

Time Management Escalation Management
Escalation Management

Features and settings for SLAs and for measuring time in general. This can be used for internal time constraints, to ensure ITIL-compliant incident SLA times or to manage escalations. In addition, time-based escalations can lead to hierarchical and functional escalations.

Time Management Help Pop-ups for SLAs
Help Pop-ups for SLAs

When creating a ticket, the customer can view a window with additional details about an SLA when selecting the SLA.

Time Management SLA Management
SLA Management

Settings for SLAs to meet solution times. See also ' escalation management. '

Time Management Definition of Response, Solution, Update & Reminder Times
Definition of Response, Solution, Update & Reminder Times

Settings to define solution and reminder times. See also ' escalation management.'

Time Management Time Zone Support
Time Zone Support

Instead of working with offsets, OTRS offers the ability to set up SLAs and calendars with the right time zones, such as Europe/Berlin or Africa/Nairobi.

Time Management Time Recording
Time Recording

Time units can be recorded with each communication, i.e. per item. These can then be totaled on the ticket and fed into reporting. TimeAccounting is a module that allows employees to enter times of the day exactly. In addition to simple times, projects and activities can also be entered. Further work on tickets can even be prevented if, for example, no time has been entered for more than two days.

Time Management Definition of Business Hours
Definition of Business Hours

In addition to the time zones, the service times can also be stored in hour increments on a calendar. For example, an SLA can prevent a ticket from escalating suddenly on a weekend.

Time Management Calendar & Resource Management
Calendar & Resource Management

Appointments for assignments, tasks, etc. can be maintained via a calendar. The appointment overview can also be filtered by calendar when using more than one calendar.


Integration Email Dispatch via Web Service
Email Dispatch via Web Service

Web services can send email from OTRS in the name of a third-party system (eg SAP, etc.).

Integration Partial CI Update
Partial CI Update

Enables partial updating of a single attribute without necessarily having to create a new version.

Integration External Links
External Links

Refer to and redirect to all kinds of external resources, thereby creating one central place for information.

Integration Web Service Data Mapping
Web Service Data Mapping

Required for complex mapping and data modifications in data transfer from and to OTRS. Each scenario can be implemented via the XSLT mapping module.

Integration Processing Information from External Sources
Processing Information from External Sources

You can use special fields to bind external databases as a source for field values. As a result, a product catalog does not need to be imported.

Integration Web Service Collection
Web Service Collection

OTRS is multi-talented when it comes to integration, connectivity and communication. For almost all application cases, we have a connector or can create this on a cost-neutral basis.

Integration System Monitoring Integrations
System Monitoring Integrations

Messages are processed efficiently and unnecessary messages are prevented when an employee has already accepted the original message.

Integration Web Service Framework
Web Service Framework

Almost all components of OTRS can be communicated via the Generic Interface (web service interface framework) via SOAP, REST, SQL or even proprietary protocols. OTRS offers ready-to-use modules and can be extended almost indefinitely, if required.

Customer Management

Customer Management Customer User Information
Customer User Information

View the status of a customer user's new tickets, open tickets, open/closed tickets and other KPIs directly as widgets on the customer user's profile.

Customer Management Customer User Attributes
Customer User Attributes

Save any attributes for a customer — either from an existing source or by adding custom attributes.

Customer Management Customer User Assets
Customer User Assets

Service agents can view all customer user assets, enabling them to access relevant CI assets faster.

Customer Management Customer Service Center
Customer Service Center

Self Service Center gives access to tickets, knowledge base, service catalog. It is also adaptable to your corporate design. Create individual pages with company relevant content. Includes all articles of communication which are visible for the customer.

Customer Management Customer Attributes
Customer Attributes

Save any attributes for a customer — either from an existing source or by adding custom attributes.

Customer Management Customer Information
Customer Information

Provides an overview of customers or customer users. In addition to the customer's tickets; affiliations; and status; further information, such as services, CIs, etc., can also be displayed here.

Customer Management Support for Complex Customer Structures
Support for Complex Customer Structures

A customer user can be added to more than just his primary customer number if, for example, he or she is working for more than one customer.

Knowledge Management & Self Service

Knowledge Management & Self Service Dynamic Finder Result Views
Dynamic Finder Result Views

Filter search results based on relevancy to reduce the number of hits returned.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Dynamic Finder
Dynamic Finder

Search the entire application or filter to search by a specific object, such as tickets. Save search and filter criteria as a personal organizer item for easy reference. Search applies to tickets, attachments, knowledge base entries, appointments, etc.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Access Free Public Information
Access Free Public Information

Provide public information without a login. This allows visitors to access shared content quickly and without logging in.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Customer Survey Tool
Customer Survey Tool

After completing a ticket, a custom-branded survey can be automatically sent to the customer user. Images can be inserted as a response option (e.g. 3 smileys). The module also offers an evaluation of the surveys at the same time.

Knowledge Management & Self Service FAQ Proposal
FAQ Proposal

The agent interface now supports the display of relevant FAQ entries when creating a new ticket.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Independent Customer Service Catalog
Independent Customer Service Catalog

Create a completely independent service catalog and allow customers to easily open tickets by using the built-in editor.

Knowledge Management & Self Service OTRS Customer Service Center
OTRS Customer Service Center

OTRS ID enables entry to the OTRS Customer Service Center. It gives access to tickets, knowledge base, service catalog, create OTRS Free Trial instances and information about data processing documents.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Agents and customers have direct access to the knowledge base that is divided into articles and categories so that they can use its articles in tickets or send the articles via email.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Watch Tickets
Watch Tickets

Tickets can be watched (similar to eBay items). The observer receives status information as though they were the owner, without having to be actively involved in the ticket.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Split & Merge Tickets
Split & Merge Tickets

Splitting can be used to insert articles into a new ticket. Merging tickets is technically a 'move' of all items from ticket A that are then pasted into ticket B.

Knowledge Management & Self Service Support for Tracking and Watching
Support for Tracking and Watching

Similar to 'Watch ticket.' In addition to watching tickets, searching and setting up notifications can be done manually.


Individualization Personal User Settings
Personal User Settings

Customize the way in which views are displayed by adjusting view-specific settings directly from the advanced user settings within the screen configuration options.

Individualization Custom Menus
Custom Menus

Fill in form fields more quickly and capture commonly reported problems by adding a menu that offers agents one-click selections. Create a menu that contains access to all installed modules or that displays external links.

Individualization Personal Organizer
Personal Organizer

Can contain preconfigured organizer items, personally-defined organizer lists with associated organizer items (chats, customers, customer users, drafts, search results, tasks, projects, statistics, KBAs, or appointments), and folders to structure the lists.

Individualization Personal Notification Settings
Personal Notification Settings

Manage personal notifications by usefulness and select on which communication channel you will be notified.

Individualization Personal Avatar Menus
Personal Avatar Menus

Use your own avatar image or one from gravatar.com, adjust language settings, set your time zone and configure out of office schedules with just a few clicks via your personal user profile settings.

Individualization Custom Forms
Custom Forms

Arrange fields in any order to adapt forms to user needs.

Individualization Custom Date & Time Formats
Custom Date & Time Formats

Select date and time format to suit the working environment. For example, "5 minutes ago" or "Thu 27. Aug 2019 15:12" are both options.

Individualization Corporate Designs
Corporate Designs

Choose from ten customizable color variations so that you can design the working environment according to your corporate branding. Choose between light and dark modes. High contrast style variations work with all available functions.

Individualization Corporate Design for Agent Interface
Corporate Design for Agent Interface

User-defined selection of colors and images offer design options based on the company's corporate branding guidelines.

Individualization Communication Stream
Communication Stream

Chat with agents directly in the business object with modern messenger view, thus exchanging information more easily than via a conventional table view of articles.

Individualization Custom Pages
Custom Pages

Quickly add new pages and information to the customer portal with the built-in editor.

Individualization Personal Dashboards
Personal Dashboards

Customizable dashboard. Freely determine the visibility, size and position of ticket lists up to statistics.

Individualization Custom Fields for Tickets
Custom Fields for Tickets

An admin can add as many fields to your ticket as needed, e.g. product catalogues, selection lists, date fields, etc.

Individualization Corporate Design for Customer Service Portal
Corporate Design for Customer Service Portal

Insert custom text and extensively adapt the corporate design (images, logo, font, etc.) of the customer service portal.


Reporting Custom Statistics and Reports
Custom Statistics and Reports

Well-organized and easy to understand reports, pre-defined schedules and instructions for configuring complex schedules.

Reporting On Demand Real-Time Statistics
On Demand Real-Time Statistics

Bars or line graphs available for statistics.

Reporting Statistics Dashboards
Statistics Dashboards

All metrics can be made available to the user in the OTRS dashboard.

Reporting Excel, PDF, CSV, SVG, PNG Export
Excel, PDF, CSV, SVG, PNG Export

Metrics and lists can be exported as PDF, CSV, SVG, PNG or Excel files and processed as you wish.

Reporting Statistic Previews
Statistic Previews

The creation of statistics with an automatic results preview simplifies the configuration and sensible selection of meaningful metrics.

Reporting On Demand or Scheduled Custom Reports
On Demand or Scheduled Custom Reports

Existing statistics can be summarized and commented on individually by creating a separate report. It also contains options for explanatory text and an index of the statistic's set up.


Performance Additional Instances
Additional Instances

Further instances can be set up at any time as a test system or as a coupling for individual departments.

Performance Ticket Archiving
Ticket Archiving

Tickets can be archived to optimize search. This also has a positive effect on the underlying database's load.

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