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Customer Service Templates

Customer Service Templates provide OTRS agents with ready-to-use and customizable text templates. Keeping consistent information for the customer and saving admin time!

What are Customer Service Templates?

Templates Overview

Ensuring that customers have the best experience is one of the major challenges of every customer support team. A typical business functionality to reach the goal of providing the best support are customer service templates.

Customer service templates are text outlines in the form of either text blocks or fully written texts which can be used for business communication through email, SMS, process dialog, phone calls, and more! Using a customer service software makes communication through your company cohesive for customers and provides ease in distributing information. Our product, OTRS, offers many functions to help with your customer management. Let us help – with OTRS ticket settings, templates offer OTRS agents consistent answers for the customer every time. Regardless of the employee or knowledge level, the customer will always receive the best quality and service at an accelerated time.

Not only optimizing the customer experience but putting the agent’s job more at ease while shuffling through the masses of customers’ requests. Every business can benefit from the support a CS template has to offer.

The Benefits of Customer Service Templates

  • Delivering standard answers for the customer & agents every time
  • Quickly distribute text modules and information company-wide
  • Easing agent’s stress, no matter what skill level
  • Manage each template by assigning queues and attachments
  • Minimizes response time of any support

The user-friendly settings ensure a uniform and easy management of the templates and allow the agent to quickly adapt their format, offering the overview to manage the use of attachment(s) and team availability while offering the power to assign all teams the correct customizable template(s) for communication use through queues.

A Company-Wide Improvement with Customer Service Templates

Retaining customers is the most important part of any company. Gain your customer’s trust by offering valuable and consistent information from your customer support team. With OTRS Customer Service templates this is now easier than ever!

Agents should never be overwhelmed by customer service requests, but the truth is, that company communication comes in masses and is unstructured without the right tool at hand. Templates make their job straightforward by offering the right timely response – easing experienced and new agents’ stress. Using variables in the template make it possible to customize messages, ensuring customers get a personal experience. Respond and help customers faster with OTRS, let them know you care.

OTRS template settings offer business managers an overview of all need-to-know information, saving your team time. Sharing, distributing, and making changes to templates is made simple through Queue Relations, which easily assigns multiple text outlines or queues to each other. Manage any template through the Templates Module of the Ticket Settings group.

It takes months to find a customer… (but only a) second to lose one.
- Vince Lombardi

Creating the best customer loyalty requires over-the-top service and attentive employees. Take your customer service management to the next level by integrating OTRS into your company’s standard business practice. Give your team the tools to create cultural cohesiveness and clarity when assisting your clients. Show them your support today with OTRS.

OTRS, the right Customer Service Tool

OTRS works hard to make sure its software is user-friendly and the best customer support product. Below dive into the features of OTRS customer service templates.

Types of Templates

When adding or editing a template you may notice that there are different platforms to be used for different purposes:

  • Answer – to be used as a ticket response or reply.
  • Create – to be used for a new phone or email ticket.
  • Email – to be used for writing an email to a customer user or someone else.
  • Forward – to be used to forward an article to someone else.
  • Note – to be used to create notes.
  • Phone call – to be used for inbound and outbound phone calls.
  • Process dialog – to be used in process management to the pre-fill text of articles in user task activity dialogs.

How to Manage Customer Service Templates in OTRS

The current version of OTRS already contains a template function by default. Under the Template Management Screen you can add templates for communication use, see below.

Adding templates is self-explanatory from there. Fill in the required fields and press the save button. To modify you can always go back to edit or delete templates.

Template and Queues

OTRS offers functions to manage the templates and attachment relationships as well as queue assignments. Ensuring attachments are up-to-date and being used in the correct fields through email, call, SMS, and more! Explore our product today.

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