Release Note

OTRS 8 Patch Level 12

March 22, 2021 — OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® V3-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM, today announces the first release of the OTRS 8 patch level 12.


Important for Upgrading

Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.


  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Improved exit codes for document search index rebuild and status (Maint::DocumentSearch::IndexManagement console command).
  • Fixed main menu on Safari, so columns do not break in next line anymore.
  • Improved/fixed secret key export for PGP.
  • Improved handling of file conflicts of OPM packages of other major versions: only treat conflicts with files of packages for the current framework as errors.
  • Added detection of missing elasticsearch indices.
  • Improved accessibility of the FormSelect field.
  • Added a new notification event NotificationSLAUpdate.
  • Update CPAN Specio dependency version requirement to 0.47 to solve
  • Improved handling of config option WebMaxFileUpload in config get endpoints and frontend components.



Bug Fixes

  • Ticket#2021020442001871 – Inline pictures are doubled on e.g. replying via note.
  • Ticket#2021030342005232 – Select timezone toast on mobile, can’t exit the avatar menu.
  • Ticket#2021030842001469 – Not possible to add new language to setting ExternalFrontend::PrivacyNotice.
  • Ticket#2021030842001451 – Dynamic field values are not stored in processes in combination with hide/show dynamic fields and endpoint context.
  • Ticket#2021030742000097 – Process management: Non mandatory arcticles are mandatory.
  • Ticket#2021010842000741 – Dashboard statistic is not readable using dark mode.
  • Ticket#2021020742000357 – Unable to add a new dashboard widget.
  • Ticket#2021012642002599 – Setting AgentFrontend::TicketCreate::UserDefaultQueue has no impact on agent interface.
  • Ticket#2021020442001585 – Updated third-party library jquery-validate.
  • Ticket#2020111042001398 – Dynamic Field Value 0 Not Possible To Use In Ticket Properties.
  • Ticket#2020120242002883 – Images in knowledge base articles are not shown.
  • Ticket#2021022442003429 – Renamed main menu items from plural to singular.
  • Ticket#2020122142000385 – Open items from a BOL into a new tab is not working using CMD/CTRL keys + mouse click.
  • Ticket#2021011942002156 – Filters for appointments does not work.
  • Ticket#2020111042001325 – Not able to enter admin interface if system is not registered and registration grace period is overdue.
  • Ticket#2021012642002526 – Session management is confusing and not usable via command line.
  • Ticket#2020080542002564 – System configuration value will not be shown correctly after a search.
  • Ticket#2021020242001856 – Dynamic field in e.g. priority action is updated if no default is set.
  • Ticket#2021012942001512 – Values of dynamic fields are not preloaded (e.g. for OTRSDynamicFieldWebservice).
  • Ticket#2020100542001873 – DateTime format Combined looks different in BOLs.
  • Ticket#2020112642000627 – Additional customer company fields are not displayed.
  • Ticket#2021021242000731 – Customer user sees tickets which where changed to a customer user of another company.
  • Ticket#2021020842001023 – Link to elasticsearch documentation does not work.
  • Ticket#2020082642003087 – Improved migration of the fields FAQ::Item::Field* for the knowledge base detail view.
  • Ticket#2020111642001476 – Modern input fields only allow for 1000 entries. New config named ModernizeMaxNumberOfOptions has been added. It defines the maximum number of options for which the input field will be initialized as modern. The default value is 1000 due to performance reasons.
  • Ticket#2021012642002982 – S/MIME certificate in customer map may break JSON configuration.
  • Ticket#2020091242000158 – Email encoding is working wrong for quoted-printable content transfer encoding.
  • Ticket#2020100542001471 – Color issues if dark skin is used.
  • Ticket#2021020842001265 – Editor field is not usable because cursor starts to jump to the beginning and weird scrolling.
  • Ticket#2020051842000681 – Local avatar is not shown on administrator dashboard.
  • Ticket#2020121042001065 – Chat permissions are ignored in agent interface.
  • Ticket#2020100242000914 – Agents could be selected as recipients for notes even if they have no permission.
  • Ticket#2020073042001322 – Setting AgentFrontend::KnowledgeBaseArticleDetailView::WidgetType###KBAAttachments is in a wrong navigation group.
  • Ticket#2020112042000469 – New SMS ticket screen shows subject field instead of ticket title field.
  • Ticket#2020121642002802 – A valid YAML config lead to errors.
  • Ticket#2021012742006619 – Chat in OTRS 8 is not usable.
  • Ticket#2021011342003022 – Modals get cut off in Safari if opened within a flyout.
  • Bug#15188 – API allows invalid vaules for UserLanguage which breaks interface.
  • Ticket#2020101642001012 – Default Filter for “Show Unresolved” is wrong.
  • Bug#15405 – The tag <OTRS_APPOINTMENT_TITLE[20]> is not working in Appointment Notification.
  • Ticket#2020082742002586 – Issue with placeholders not being replaced in ticket history entries.
  • Ticket#2020111842002864 – Translation issues in add appointment screen.
  • Ticket#2021020442001085 – Limited number of characters in the TicketSendEmail sequence flow action. During creation, there is no character limitation and user is able to store any large text, but if user tries to edit the sequence flow, the field is limited to 4000 characters.
  • Ticket#2020092442001625 – Need TicketID error shows up by using templates.
  • Ticket#2020082842001236 – Ticket history shows no seconds in timestamps.
  • Ticket#2020101242000262 – ACLs are automatically changed during patch level update.
  • Ticket#2020102642000371 — Pending diff time is calculated incorrectly if system and user timezone are different.
  • Ticket#2021011442001166 – Not all dynamic fields contents are readable in dark OTRS themes.


Browser Support

Ticket#2020112742001062 – Body is empty by using reply or forward action.


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.


  • OTRS 9 will not support Internet Explorer anymore.
  • OTRS 9 will not support Oracle as application database anymore.


OTRS Group managed customers who are using product versions that are reaching end of maintenance and support must be updated by our Customer Solution Team by scheduling an individual maintenance appointment in order to continue receiving necessary releases and support. OTRS On-Premise customers must obtain a newer product version by ordering our migration services.

Release Details