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"The mobile accessibility and improved search functions have been huge improvements for our team. We're really able to work faster and handle customer requests on-the-go now."
Alexandra John, Director of Customer Relations
Agents: 13
Tickets / Month: 3,000

Professional Flight Management, Inc.
Delivers High-End Service at Jet-Like Speed

Success in the business aviation industry demands speed, so seconds matter when Professional Flight Management, Inc. (PFM) replies to a customer request. Out-of-date software and lack of mobility were slowing down the customer relations team. That’s why they turned to OTRS’ experts for help with transitioning to the OTRS fully-managed environment and upgrading to the latest software release.

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Impact of OTRS

Increased customer confidence
Faster service and support to customers
Balanced workload

Features Used

Service desk, including shared inbox and ability to lock tickets
Two-factor Authentication
Managed services


Mobile access
Email to system
Retain one year of email correspondence

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The Challenge

Implementing much needed modern solutions required time and resources that were difficult to come by internally.
As a team that's constantly on-the-go, speed is critical. Before contacting OTRS Group, PFM was running the open source ((OTRS)) Community Edition on-premise. The customer relations team knew that the professionally supported OTRS 7 had been significantly enhanced over time, and were excited by the latest features, such as mobile accessibility and faster search functionality.

The difficulty was that their programmers and IT staff needed to concentrate on their customers and on delivering the best possible service in support of PFM’s own application. There simply wasn’t enough time to keep up-to-date with the latest versions of OTRS and import the more than 50 GB of on-premise data into a modern managed environment.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with OTRS’ experts ensured data accessibility, modern features and a secure solution.
So, PFM turned to OTRS Group to see what could be done. It was of crucial importance that prior communication with customers not be lost during the transition. The OTRS team handled the upload behind-the-scenes and ensured correct configuration so that emailing directly to the system would not be interrupted during upgrade.

Moving from an on-premise installation to the secure managed environment was a relief for the internal PFM IT team. Said Alexandra John, Director of Customer Relations, "Having the software hosted by OTRS Group has given our programmers more time to focus on the needs of our own customers. And, it's really reduced the issues that we were having with the older version."

The customer solution team transitioned easily to the newest version of OTRS. Fortunately, they had the support of the OTRS customer solutions team to answer any questions throughout the process. Alexandra John commented that "Everyone at OTRS Group was so quick and helpful to us during the transition time." That resulted in no downtime for the team and a seamless transition for PFM’s customers as well.


OTRS builds consumer confidence and reassures customers.
"Our customers need to know that we're here for them," said Alexandra John, "They need the confidence that comes from getting an automated reply to tell them that their inquiry has been received. And, they need the reassurance that comes from knowing they have the support of an entire team behind them: If one of us is not available, OTRS makes it easy for another person to step in and help."

She continued to say that today's version of OTRS is much more streamlined. The team finds it easy to see who is working on which ticket and what notes have been made. Between the ability to save templates for reuse and the ticket locking feature, the team has been better able to balance their workload because the work of each person is clearly structured and documented for all to see.