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Customized software solutions with the highest quality standards and full commitment to the customer – supported by the competence of OTRS.

The Viosys AG

Customized software solutions with the highest quality standards and full commitment to the customer – supported by the competence of OTRS.

VIOSYS develops individual software solutions with a wide range of services – from planning to conception and implementation. Customers benefit from realistic budgeting, reliable time planning and the highest quality of implementation.

VIOSYS has been developing customized software solutions for more than 20 years. Their offerings range from simple websites to profitable eCommerce/online trading platforms and complex intranet solutions.

In addition to the conception, implementation and support of software projects, further education and certifications are a regular part of the daily work at VIOSYS. The customers profit from this through realistic budget estimates, reliable time planning and high implementation quality.

The focus at VIOSYS is 100% on the customer and his individual requirements; customized solutions require trust, understanding, optimal service and true interest, resulting in a perfect end product.

Quality and reliability count and are becoming more and more important for customers. In order to meet high customer demands and to offer the best possible support and customer service, the company decided to use the professional support of service management software OTRS, a work structuring and communication solution.

The company hoped that this would lead to increased efficiency, convenience and optimally structured communication in customer service.


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VIOSYS AG, Leipzig



  • Seamless documentation

  • Data protection compliance
  • Browser-based solution
  • German software producer
  • High individualization of the system
  • Clear and structured communication
  • Integrates with existing system environment
  • Customer interface

  • Decisive support for working remotely

  • More efficient processing of inquiries
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved quality in the processing of inquiries
  • Integration with existing systems

  • Ticket search templates

  • Prioritize and assign tickets
  • Watch tickets
  • Ticket update with CI data
  • Customer service center

The Challenge:

An outdated ticketing system required personnel-intensive development, caused duplicate work and resulted in unstructured customer communication.

Customer service as a business critical area must be efficient today. Decisive factors here are short response times; clear responsibilities and assignments; and complete documentation. In short – success is all about service quality.

Optimizing and sustainably increasing this quality was the main concern of VIOSYS AG. It soon became clear to the company that individually customized service management software could make a significant contribution to achieving this goal. Their current ticketing system neither met the company's own needs and requirements nor did it offer professional support. On the contrary, it required personnel-intensive development of the company's own outdated systems.

Moreover, it did not represent a real centralized service solution that could integrate with the systems involved. Rather, avoidable duplicate work, such as having to set the same content in three systems, was the order of the day. Regrettably, this had a particularly negative impact on customer communication, which was neither optimally structured nor sufficiently transparent, making it difficult to process inquiries.

The VIOSYS teams could no longer guarantee consistently high service quality. Especially in these times, when working conditions have changed significantly and teams are working in a more and more decentralized way, the disadvantages of the currently used system and the advantages of transitioning to a browser-based solution became more and more obvious.

Therefore, action had to be taken and new service management software had to be sought that would meet the company's high standards for customer communication. It was clear that the future software solution had to be practical for multiple locations, home office employees and external service providers. Ideally, it should be fully-managed and hosted in the certified data centers of the provider. This way, there would be no need to worry about regular updates, because the manufacturer's experts would take care of them, including security-relevant updates.

Supporting GDPR-compliant work is necessary and was, of course, also one of VIOSYS AG's requirements for a new software solution.

The Solution:

The use of browser-based service management software OTRS enables efficient communication within decentralized teams and increases the quality of customer service.

Circumstances are changing faster than ever today. This has been particularly evident in the year 2020. The only possible answer to successfully emerging from change is to adapt flexibly and quickly.

VIOSYS AG follows this approach and decided to use the service management software OTRS to increase the efficiency of internal processes and to optimize its customer service. Part of their decision making included the advantage of having professional support offered by the experts of OTRS Group before and during the implementation as well as the available long-term support.

The cooperation with the manufacturer quickly showed success and made the advantages of using a professional helpdesk solution obvious.

The communication is more structured and transparent, and work is audit-proof, because everything is completely documented. The company's high service standards are taken into account, and the quality of service is significantly increased. In general, request processing efficiency has increased, which is particularly noticeable now, in times of increased work in the home office. The new situation automatically led to an increase in the number of inquiries, which in many cases were also highly urgent. By using OTRS, the service teams were nevertheless able to react quickly to all customer inquiries, process them efficiently and route them in a targeted manner.

This is supported by various functionalities, such as automatic ticket classification, targeted assignments to support staff, communication templates or the ticket history. Customers are also optimally supported from the moment they contact the service team: They are informed about the current processing status. With OTRS, it is possible to see online at any time that a ticket is being worked on.

"OTRS brings a transparency to our processes that simply did not exist before," says CEO Michael Voigt when he explains how much easier it is now to hand over or start projects — even for external service providers — because with OTRS all important information is bundled in one place.


OTRS is a centralized service solution oriented towards the future.

VIOSYS AG was especially looking for a solution that would meet all system integration requirements, i.e. has the right interfaces. The service management software OTRS was able to fulfill this requirement 100% and now offers a centralized service solution in the company. Previously time-consuming duplicate tasks are now a thing of the past, as is the personnel-intensive further development of obsolete systems.

OTRS supports the service teams of VIOSYS by handling internal and external support requests, monitoring messages and addressing specific offer requests: It contributes significantly to the increase of efficiency and quality in customer service.

For standardized and frequently recurring workflows, OTRS already provides integrated process templates, but customer-specific processes can also be created easily with OTRS Process Management.

For VIOSYS AG, the most important factor in the selection of their software solution was the fact that service and support requests were important to the OTRS Group team. OTRS is produced by a German software manufacturer based in Germany, so the company was already convinced of OTRS employee dedication during the evaluation workshop. OTRS is not only the product, but it is a complete solution. "Solution as a Service," so to speak – and this includes the support, from which VIOSYS has already profited, thus confirming again their choice. Additionally, the regular updates and upgrades are done by the OTRS experts for the managed version of OTRS, which also saves time for the IT team.

VIOSYS AG is eagerly awaiting their upcoming migration to OTRS 8 with its innovations and enhancements that offer individualization possibilities like never before.

Above all, OTRS is software that grows with the company. Flexibility, modularity and adaptability are its strengths.

By picking OTRS, VIOSYS AG decided on a future-oriented solution.
With OTRS, we were able to create transparency where none existed before. This has significantly optimized our work. In addition, we can now access professional support when needed.
Michael Voigt, Chairman of the Board of VIOSYS AG

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