Create value-added IT, ITSM and business solutions with the help of OTRS’ unique ITSM tool

Optimize business processes, IT performance and your infrastructure to make your company even more successful.

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IT Service Management means adding value to the entire organization through the efforts of your IT department. For example, with the help of an ITSM tool, the IT team may automate business processes so that they can be handled more efficiently, effectively and quickly.
OTRS provides you with unique capabilities: Already existing processes and structures of your company can be linked with the ITSM tool, modified if necessary and additionally optimized. It’s exactly what you need for your business. OTRS is easily configured to fit your needs and offers unlimited flexibility.

Automated processes, complete transparency, CMDB, information-rich reporting and a reliable ticket system – the ITSM tool from OTRS gives you the freedom to focus on value-added activities for your business.

Benefits of using IT Service Management processes within the ITSM tool from OTRS:

  • Easily integrates with existing applications
  • Streamlines workflow between IT and business processes
  • Supports ITIL best practices
  • Saves significant time by using process management features
  • Optimizes documentation and reporting
  • Reduces long-term costs

Happy Team = Happy Customers. The ITSM Tool by OTRS makes happiness possible.

When structure is lacking, your IT organization can feel frustrated. Work is more prone to error and employee frustration increases. Instead, make constant system crashes and long wait times a thing of the past with OTRS ITSM software.
The ITSM tool from OTRS can be perfectly integrated with existing applications and third-party tools thanks to the Generic Interface. Need to use project management tools, document management systems or CRM systems that you and your employees are already familiar with? These can be easily connected to OTRS. Connecting multiple OTRS Instances to one another is even possible too.

More than 170,000 customers rely on the ITSM Tool by OTRS.

The OTRS Consultants not only know the system inside and out, they are great at understanding other IT landscapes and responding competently and in detail to the needs of later users.
Anne Grünkorn, Head of Mobility at LogPay Financial Services GmbH

Your Customized ITSM Tool by OTRS – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your IT Service Management Tool will be as individual as your company – it will be made to fit you. By mapping your services to OTRS, your ITSM ticket system remains functional even in the event of emerging difficulties or malfunctions.
Using the modernized customer portal, customers can quickly reach your team. Questions, complaints or other concerns are easily sent to responsible employees via customizable forms. The forms can be designed with any necessary fields, making work easier for everyone. The OTRS ticket system makes work much more efficient, bringing together employee, service and infrastructure information, as it assigns the request to the appropriate department or agent. With countless configuration options, OTRS automates IT and business processes giving your team unlimited freedom from administrative overhead and adding time savings that allow you to expand your core competencies.

Quality and profitability of your services are easily tracked by KPI through clear and customizable reports. You get valuable information that can propel your business forward with a simple mouse click.

Processes to Add Value – ITIL

ITIL® is the most widely used and internationally recognized framework for IT Service Management. ITIL helps your company and your employees create value for customers by taking a holistic approach to the customer experience, services offered and products provided.
ITIL requirements and best practices are supported by the OTRS ITSM tool. Processes can be simply defined and automated. In fact, OTRS is as flexible as you want it to be, which means that ITIL processes can be introduced quickly or gradually. And, as your services change, they can be easily restructured without any major changes to the OTRS Software.

Speaking of ITIL®, IT Service Management processes that are ready-to-go with the click of a button include:

  • Service Design::Availability Management (proactive)
  • Service Design::Availability Management (reactive)
  • Service Design::Catalog Management
  • Service Design::Continuity Management
  • Service Design::Service Design Coordination (Individual Design)
  • Service Design::Service Level Management
  • Service Design::Supplier Management
  • Service Operation::Access Management
  • Service Operation::Event Management
  • Service Operation::Incident Management
  • Service Operation::Problem Management
  • Service Operation::Request Fulfillment Management
  • Service Operation::Service Validation und Testing
  • Service Transition::Change Evaluation
  • Service Transition::Knowledge Management
  • Service Transition::Release and Deployment Management
  • Service Transition::Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Service Transition::Service Transition Planning and Support

Support – our ITSM consultants work with you for your security

No matter which variant you choose for your company – 100% ITIL-compliance or simply ITIL-oriented business processes – our consultants are at your side to assist with your ITSM tool and answer all your questions about:

  • Workflows
  • Processes
  • Upgrades
  • Updates

The OTRS Solution does not end with implementation. Our ITSM team supports your day-to-day business with excellent customer service. You are in safe hands with us.