OTRS On-Premise

Stable. Proven. Solid.

With almost limitless flexibility, OTRS offers established individually-configurable solutions – regardless of company size, industry or hosting needs.

Therefore, in addition to fully-managed software, we also offer an on-premise solution.

What does OTRS On-Premise mean to you?

  • Your company gets to handle network management.
  • OTRS runs on your in-house servers.
  • The administration of the server platform is completely done by you.
  • May incur additional infrastructure, operations, maintenance and / or service provider costs.
  • Updates to the operating system and required software components are done by you, on your schedule.
  • Compliance and privacy are controlled at whatever level you choose.
  • You get to manage backups and ensure data integrity. These can be done whenever necessary.

With the fully-managed version, you benefit from using ISO / IEC 27001-certified data centers and GDPR-compliant data protection processes. Updates and upgrades, as well as required backups, are taken care of by our experts.

Of course, comprehensive and individually-configurable functionalities are also available with OTRS On-Premise. Just as with the fully-managed version, you can choose from up to 56 Feature Add-ons and a variety of service packages: SILVER, GOLD, TITANIUM and PLATINUM.

OTRS On-Premise – Structured and effective software that’s individually customizable.

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