Release Note

OTRS 8 Patch Level 15

July 26 , 2021 — OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® 4-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM, today announces the first release of the OTRS 8 patch level 15.


Important for Upgrading

Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.


  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Improved accessibility of organizer.
  • Improved styling of notify modules.
  • Added styling improvements for the article meta header.
  • The handling of date and date time values for tickets and dynamic fields in e.g. ticket notifications is changed, the output is now correctly formatted using the given time zone information. For dynamic fields, there is the possibility to output the stored value (as in the OTRS database) by using <OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_X> and to output the correctly formatted value by using <OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_X_Value>.
  • Added CreateBy, CreateTime, ChangeBy and ChangeTime fields in the admin screens (Ticket#2020022842001069).
  • Added the possibility to use also the username for the password recovery in the external frontend.
  • Improved article limit feature in Generic Interface.
  • Increased minimum requirements for NodeJS version 14.15.0 with npm 6.14.


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket#2021060842001963 – Signed emails with wrong signature prevent articles from being displayed.
  • Ticket#2021061442000603 – Improved link handling.
  • Ticket#2021052042000442 – Article attachments are deleted while using forward action.
  • Ticket#2021043042000836 – 0 as value is neither shown nor saved in customer information.
  • Ticket#2021041542001766 – No ticket notification for the ticket owner is sent if OwnerID field is added to note action.
  • Ticket#2021042942001123 – IncludeUnknownTicketCustomers setting is doubled in system configuration.
  • Ticket#2021042942001767 – Ticket is not auto locked when owner is changed using inline editing feature.
  • Ticket#2021040642000793 – Default value of a hidden dynamic field is not set.
  • Ticket#2021052742000742 – Foreign customer company backends are using wrong database connection.
  • Ticket#2021020842000499 – Empty reply window if setting AgentPersonalPreference###Language is disabled.
  • Ticket#2021050442001187 – SLA can not be selected in activity dialog.
  • Ticket#2021032742000308 – An agent must be entered in the responsible field, but the field is configured as not mandatory.
  • Ticket#2021041242000763 – Upload pictures into custom pages is not possible.
  • Ticket#2021042942001043 – Disable chat does not work for chat availability in the agent interface.
  • Ticket#2021061842001444 – Invalid or Temporary Invalid Dynamic Fields break the Process forms.
  • Ticket#2021061742001688 – Using non English characters in BOL resets the agent organizer.
  • Ticket#2020082842001156 – No “Message Log” action for articles from received mails.
  • Ticket#2021060742001581 – “Stop after match” option does not work in ACLs.
  • Ticket#2021012842000248 – Customer user ticket count is wrong if customer user is associated with multiple customer ids.
  • Ticket#2021060142002019 – Custom settings for the detail views and overviews have no default column layout key in the xml.
  • Ticket#2021051742000887 – DynamicField of type web service got no ticket data in to the invoker in process dialogs.
  • Ticket#2021052542000942 – SLA filter in ticket list shows no options.
  • Ticket#2021052742001447 – Inconsistent handling for configuration item class date field in some situations.
  • Ticket#2021050342000331 – Improvements in the Support Bundle.


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.


  • OTRS 9 will not support Internet Explorer anymore.
  • OTRS 9 will not support Oracle as application database anymore.


OTRS Group managed customers who are using product versions that are reaching end of maintenance and support must be updated by our Customer Solution Team by scheduling an individual maintenance appointment in order to continue receiving necessary releases and support. OTRS On-Premise customers must obtain a newer product version by ordering our migration services.

Release Details