OTRS Security Advisory 2020-01

Release Note

OTRS Security Advisory 2020-01

January 10, 2020 — Please read carefully and check if the version of your OTRS system is affected by this vulnerability.

Please send information regarding vulnerabilities in OTRS to: security@otrs.org


  • pub 2048R/9C227C6B 2011-03-21
  • uid OTRS Security Team <security@otrs.org>
  • GPG Fingerprint E330 4608 DA6E 34B7 1551 C244 7F9E 44E9 9C22 7C6B

Security Advisory Details

  • ID: OSA-2020-01
  • Date: 2020-01-10
  • Title: Spoofing of From field in several screens
  • Severity: 3.5. LOW
  • Product: OTRS 7.0.x, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.x, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5.0.x
  • Fixed in: OTRS 7.0.14, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.25, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5.0.40
  • References: CVE-2020-1765

OSA-2020-01 Spoofing of From field in several screens (CVE-2020-1765)

Product Affected:

This issue affects ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5.0.x, 6.0.x. This issue affects OTRS 7.0.x.


An improper control of parameters allows the spoofing of the from fields of the following screens: AgentTicketCompose, AgentTicketForward, AgentTicketBounce and AgentTicketEmailOutbound.

This issue affects:

((OTRS)) Community Edition
5.0.x version 5.0.39 and prior versions;
6.0.x version 6.0.24 and prior versions.

7.0.x version 7.0.13 and prior versions.

This issue was discovered during an external security research.
This issue has been assigned CVE-2020-1765.


Upgrade to OTRS 7.0.14, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.25, ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5.0.40

Patch for ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6: https://github.com/OTRS/otrs/commit/d146d4997cbd6e1370669784c6a2ec8d64655252

Patch for ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5: https://github.com/OTRS/otrs/commit/874889b86abea4c01ceb1368a836b66694fae1c3

Modification History:

  • 2020-01-10: Initial Publication.

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CVSS Score:

Risk Level:

  • LOW


  • Sebastian Renker, Jonas Becker

Release Details

  • Release name:
    OTRS Security Advisory 2020-01
  • Release date:
    10. January 2020
  • Release type:
    security advisories