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"For each service performed, a satisfaction survey is sent to the customer. This helps us to continually improve the quality of our service."
Claudio de Souza Cornelio, RNP-Service Desk Coordinator
Agents: 559
Tickets / Month: 6,120

The Flexibility of OTRS enables handling of a variety of requests from different areas in one tool.

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa – RNP) provides global integration and collaboration supported by information and communication technologies for knowledge and excellence of education and research.

It is a Social Organization (OS) connected to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) and maintained together with the Ministries of Education (MEC), Citizenship, Health (MS) and Defense (MD), which participate in the RNP’s Interministerial Program (PI-RNP).

A pioneer in 1992 as a nation-wide network of Internet access in Brazil, RNP’s main duty is to promote technological development and support research on information and communication technologies by creating innovative services and projects and by training professionals. As such, it provides the public institutions of research and higher or technological education an advanced infrastructure network that facilitates collaborative research in several areas of knowledge. Through applications of its network, RNP allows the execution of projects and the implementation of public policies in the areas of technology, education, health, culture and defense.

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Impact of OTRS

Standardization of customer services;
Effective control of tickets;
Team integration;
Faster customer service;
Process automation;
Fluidity and organization of service processes;
Management of the entire ticket life cycle in a single tool;
Have an end-to-end view of the process, regardless of the number of teams involved.

Features Used

Dynamic fields;
Process management;
Satisfaction survey;
FAQs – Knowledge management methodology that keeps information alive.


Integrated e-mail functionality;
A single ticket system for all processes;
Customer Satisfaction Surveys and customer service quality control;
Optimum usability;
Centralized and clearly-structured communication system.

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The Challenge

Lack of integration and management information since all service areas used different solutions.
With 27 Points of Presence nationwide, supporting more than 1,000 campuses and 33 internal service teams, RNP had the challenge of unifying all support and change requests into a single ticketing and process management system. Each of these 60 service areas used a different solution which resulted in a lack of integration and information management. In the first quarter of 2015, a multi-management working group was created to analyze different tools with predefined criteria, such as the ability to serve all departments of the organization, the possibility of installation in the RNP network, highly scalability, flexibility and an excellent cost-benefit.

The Solution

OTRS provides the flexibility to meet diverse needs and manage them in one system. It can also be integrated with existing applications.
The solution chosen was the OTRS: it was implemented in October of the same year. With it, RNP was able to organize all communication with its attendants, through clear structures and optimized processes, to manage incidents, problems and changes.

Today, RNP uses OTRS for internal and external customer service, IT service management, and corporate security.


We were able to simplify processes and deploy a single system within Customer Service, ITSM and Corporate Security.
"We have now been able to track our workflow by logging all support requests in the tool. We have also been able to get RNP ticket environment indicators with various records, problem types, solutions, etc.," Nainna Emily de Oliveira, RNP Information Technology Analyst.

"The standardization of the attending platform and management of tickets and process generated fluidity and agility in RNP's support service. We were able to handle the entire call life cycle in one tool", Murilo Oliveira, Information Technology Analyst.