STORM powered by OTRS,
Designed for IT Security Teams

The cyber security community relies on STORM
to effectively respond to attacks and exchange
security-related information between teams.

Structure your IT security, and get exclusive access to the CERT community.

STORM powered by OTRS is built on a reliable, efficient ticket system that’s well-known in the IT industry. OTRS has been used for years by worldwide help desk organizations to automate processes and structure communication.

A team of OTRS Experts used OTRS to create the ideal cyber security management software – STORM. These experts have significant experience in cyber security and used that to incorporate comprehensive security best practices into STORM.

STORM supports the work of CERTs, SOCs, Cyber Defense Centers and internal IT security teams. It allows them to handle, manage and evaluate security incidents by adding structure and process to incident communication. STORM offers sophisticated templates for security processes, such as security incident management, an engaged OTRS Cyber Security Community and a carefully compiled bundle of functions for security-critical workflows.

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Learn about STORM powered by OTRS functions.
Take a look at our technical lecture from it-sa 2019!

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Facts about STORM

What can STORM do?

STORM stands for Security Threat Operational Response Management. Cyber defense teams use STORM to protect their organizations from risks and attacks.

STORM functions as a Glueware that can seamlessly merge decentralized software solutions and systems. As risks arise and threats invade, STORM enables the integrated operation of different systems, regardless of the developer, manufacturer, version or type.

STORM is based on a proven ticket system – OTRS. This solid basis is complemented by the know-how of the OTRS Group – knowledge gained from years of implementing security-related projects and an extensive best practices understanding.

STORM’s features

Continuously encrypted communication:

  • Encrypt and sign ticket notifications
  • Encrypt emails to multiple recipients
  • Automatically decrypt incoming encrypted email
  • Use Postmaster filters for inbound encrypted email
  • Use ticket notification content
  • Use public S/MIME certificates from the LDAP


Easy-to-read information:

  • See additional information about values in the information floater, e.g. WHOIS information for IP addresses
  • Identify CVE numbers or MS bulletins
  • Select the displayed attributes of linked objects, such as tickets
  • Display the order of attributes of linked tickets in individual columns


OTRS Process Management:

  • Built on best practices experience with security processes (e.g. security incident management)
  • Easy creation and flexible adaptation of complex security processes
  • Workflow automation
  • Implementation of Playbooks/SOPs
  • Support for security advisory processes
  • Accurate and audit-proof handling of digital evidence


Simply more flexible:

  • Numerous connectivity options via web services
  • Multiple channels for audit-proof communication: ticket, email, chat, audio-video, telephone
  • Team resource planning via the OTRS Calendar
  • Flexible creation of ticket watchlists to keep you up-to-date, day or night
  • An extensive scripting engine to implement your own scripts
  • Customized escalation times according to individual rules with OTRS Advanced Escalations
  • OTRS News Widget for quick update information

STORM is more than just software. It also includes expert service.

We offer:

  • Cyber security expertise
  • Dedicated consulting
  • Consultants with security clearances
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Exclusive annual CERT community meetings
  • Access to a special community mailing list
  • Help and support from the community

OTRS Consulting Services

We recommend working with OTRS Experts for approximately 10 – 15 days to maximize your use of STORM. The consulting package may incorporate training and configuration, including: 

  • Installation & Configuration Workshop
  • Process management definition, design, and implementation
  • Process training
  • Review & Optimization Workshop
  • OTRS Administrator training

Would you like to learn more about STORM?