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A Look Back at Our 2021 CSR Activities

Another year full of ups and downs. Yet we have
maintained our commitment to social and sustainable
CSR activities throughout 2021.

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In our heart is the desire for commitment. Even in turbulent times.

Another year of the pandemic, another year of restrictions, another year of uncertainty about what will happen next and when this will finally end. But, we made the decision to get involved in society as far as we could. Not only did this have a great impact on the clubs and organizations, but our employees’ hearts literally went out to these groups as well. Below is a review of our CSR 2021 activities.

We supported the women’s shelter in Oberursel

Since we were able to help the women’s shelter in Oberursel in such a special way last year with our numerous donations in kind and the large cash donation, we decided to launch another fundraising campaign this summer.

Many women and their offspring still need a lot of everyday items to build a new life for themselves. During our campaign, we were able to collect a number of donations and present them to the women’s shelter in Oberursel. The employees of the women’s shelter are very special people who put their heart and soul into their work. We are still happy to support them and will continue to do so in the future!

Helping hands for the Frankfurter Tafel food bank

On a total of three dates, our colleagues were in action at the Frankfurter Tafel with great enthusiasm and joy. The masses of food, the friendly interaction with each other and the support for others that we were able to experience at the Frankfurter Tafel cannot be put into words. Therefore, we can only recommend this experience to everyone. The Frankfurter Tafel is always looking for people to help and/or donate. If you want to make a contribution, contact the Frankfurter Tafel via their website.

The big buzz continues

In addition, this year we have once again embraced the topic of environmental protection and sustainability: We continue to sponsor our own beehive as part of our CSR program. It is still located on the bee nature trail in the KGV Ginnheimer Wäldchen and can be visited at any time. This year, we had the great fortune of being able to taste an extensive harvest of “our” honey!

Christmas action with the Street Angels

Also this year, we would like to close with a small Christmas action. We will again diligently pack packages for the homeless in Frankfurt, which will then be distributed by Street Angel e.V. to those very people.

Commitment with heart continues in 2022

We already have many more exciting CSR actions in mind for 2022. Even though none of us knows how long Corona may continue to restrict us, we will look for and find ways to get involved locally here and there.

Do you already have CSR actions planned for next year? What issue is close to your heart? We’re eager to hear your input. By the way, if you’re still looking for ideas on what a CSR program might look like in your company, here’s our CSR guide.

With that, we wish you the best for 2022. Fingers crossed that you can implement your social goals.

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