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As a company, we live and work today in a way that protects the future – that’s what Corporate Social Responsibility is all about at OTRS Group.

Our mission is to make contributions and take responsibility in our society through the four types of CSR: Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, Direct Philanthropic Donations, Ethical Business Practices and Economic Responsibility. 

We have created a CSR Team to support our employees in implementing CSR activities in order to make a sustainable contribution to society and the environment, as well as to give our employees two working days per year to spend on environmental and social activities. Supporting social intuitions, such as animal shelters and hospices, strengthens team spirit, but our main mission focuses on ecological sustainability! Together, we are creating clear standards for preservation of the habitat into the future for all life.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

The bee trail in the Ginnheimber Wäldchen KGV is where you can find the OTRS Group sponsored beehive as part of our CSR program to support bee preservation. We also work closely with Hochtaunus, a local animal shelter, showing how important it is to make a commitment to animals. Another way we support animals, plants, and the planet is through Sweet Farm. This is a non-profit initiative that addresses the global impact of factory farming. We have teamed up with Sweet Farm by having these furry animals join our meetings with their program “goat-2-meetings.”

Reducing Electronic and Food Waste

Success is all about taking responsibility, this includes taking on our social responsibilities and activities at OTRS Group. For over two years now, OTRS AG has decreased electronic waste by using our locations as a point of contact for communities to properly dispose of electronic devices. We have also used this initiative to donate fully-functioning MacBook’s to children in need, refurbished by our IT department.

Frankfurter Tafel is located in Frankfurt am Main, their mission is to reduce food waste and eradicate hunger. Supporting more than 10 food distribution points, nearly 15,000 needy citizens and a total of 180 voluntarieers we were happy to experience Frankfurter Tafel and will again volunteer in the near future. Similarly, our team at OTRS, Inc. also took the day to help in the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen in feeding whomever is in need.

Supporting Healthier Lifestyles

And, sporting events are a large contribution to enhancing team spirit: “Run Smoothly – Run OTRS” was our motto at the J.P. Morgan Run. OTRS AG also presented a special donation of 5000 Euros to the Sports Club Fun Bal Dortelweil. This organization offers everything from ball and health sports to digital exercises over virtual meetings.

Helping People Feel Safer and Happier

We also support our community through the donation of money and goods to the local women’s and domestic violence shelter. Our staff has come together in filling boxes of household goods, cosmetics and clothing for these women and babies in need. Through the Street Angels organization, we have collected and packaged items to support the less fortunate through harsh outside temperatures. “Die Arche – Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e. V.” is committed to providing disadvantaged children with leisure activities, food and learning opportunities. For example, ice skating – our team at OTRS Group had the chance to take a group of children to the ice rink to fulfill one of their Christmas wishes. Class 2000 is yet another way we at OTRS Group support social causes. This project has made an important contribution to the primary school education of children since 1991; OTRS AG proudly supports a 3rd grade class through this program by promoting healthy habits in elementary schools.

Get other ideas about how you can take on environmental and social issues by following our team on social media!

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