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Professional HR Processes With Movement in the Job Market

The current movement in the labor market increases the opportunity for companies to recruit new skilled workers. Professional HR processes support this and ensure that they stay.

Digitized Processes Relieve the Burden on the HR Department

HR departments, like many other departments, have countless processes to follow in order to recruit successfully or handle the many tasks of personnel management.

In fact, the concept of being a service provider counts just as much in HR today as it does in departments that deal with external customers. Employees are one of the most important assets of a company, so they should be treated accordingly and served in a service-oriented manner. Complicating HR service delivery, there are also various legal and data protection requirements that must be complied with.

Smooth processes are often crucial for success in recruiting new employees. After all, it is no longer true that applicants are in the situation of being dependent on this one job. Often, the situation is different, because qualified employees are increasingly scarce and companies often have difficulty finding suitable skilled workers. Efficient application processes are often the deciding factor in a candidate’s decision. The first contact with the potential employer thus represents the company’s standard way of doing business.

In order to find suitable specialists, numerous applications have to be sifted through, appointments have to be coordinated together with the specialist departments, interviews have to be held, and acceptances or rejections have to be written. Once the long-awaited new colleague has been hired, onboarding must be organized, and he or she should find a complete digital and/or physical workplace on his or her first day – ideally with a nice welcome.

Similarly, there are unavoidable processes involved in offboarding. Among other things, it is important to ensure that keys, company laptops or other company equipment are returned on time.

Today, HR departments are recognizing that digitization and, as a logical consequence, automation of their business processes offer immense support – particularly through the use of powerful business process management software.

This saves time, reduces the error rate and ensures professional processes and communication with applicants, current and departing employees.

HR Process Management with BPM Software

As in most specialist departments, the automation of processes also frees up space in the HR department for other, more creative tasks, which in turn ensures greater satisfaction among employees. Processes are also accelerated. Plus, transparency and quality increase.

When routine processes are consistently supported and automated by BPM software such as OTRS, it significantly simplifies the daily work of HR managers.

An international OTRS Group survey with 500 employees revealed the following regarding the benefits of using BPM software:

  • Time savings: 27 percent
  • Cost savings: 23 percent
  • Reduction of data errors: 19 percent
  • Improved employee well-being: 16 percent

These are clear statements.

With BPM software, all HR processes can be systematically supported — from the application process to the delivery of workplace equipment, from further training and vacation planning to offboarding.

This is done through standardized processes that can be easily triggered and automated, taking into account all required resources, approvals and responsibilities. This significantly increases the quality of collaboration within the company.

According to the participants in the OTRS survey, the support provided by business process management has clearly had a positive impact:

  • Improvement in work quality: 31 percent,
  • Time savings: 30 percent and
  • Secure communication: 20 percent

HR Processes Are Critical in the Hybrid Workplace

With today’s increased work in the home office, it is even more difficult for newcomers to get to know their colleagues. Personal contact is often completely lacking, which makes getting to know each other much more difficult.

This makes it all the more important to welcome new employees to the team and the digital workplace through well-organized onboarding and professional office processes.
Kathrin Triebel, Director Global Human Relations at OTRS AG

“This makes it all the more important to welcome new employees to the team and the digital workplace through well-organized onboarding and professional office processes. Our OTRS BPM system ensures that workflows can be professionally automated so that attention can be focused entirely on people and their new tasks in the company,” says Kathrin Triebel, Director Global Human Relations at OTRS AG.

How to Tailor HR Processes

So, it is clear that optimal, well-functioning processes are important in HR departments. And, the use of business process management software can be crucial in this regard as it helps document the tasks and activities that enable HR tasks to run smoothly. But, what’s the fastest way to make this happen?

Document HR Processes

Documentation usually takes the form of a process diagram. This way, potential improvements can be quickly identified and no process step is skipped.

Using software to capture processes and create these diagrams creates a roadmap that shows who needs to do what and when.

Automate HR Processes

Now, it’s time to automate the HR processes. When processes are automated with BPM software, like OTRS, companies save even more time and money while reducing errors. In addition, automated processes make task handover and vacation support much easier. New colleagues can also start immediately without extensive training.

Automating documented and optimized processes makes it possible to speed them up and move them forward without manual intervention.

So you can “capture and forget.” Work runs through the defined process, without constant supervision. Everyone does “their part” and automation takes care of passing the tasks to the next person, team or system.

Get Started Right Away With the Right HR Processes

It would be even more convenient if HR departments could access a preconfigured HR Management solution. And, that is possible. OTRS, for example, now offers a special solution scenario – a preconfigured solution that is ready to use without any additional consulting effort. This means that a large number of predefined, typical HR processes, such as application management or vacation requests, can be accessed immediately and easily. This not only provides a better user experience for employees or applicants, but it also guarantees consistent quality and a reduction in the administrative workload of the HR team.

Application Management and Onboarding.

Preconfigured HR processes and practical features simplify the application process for everyone. Applicants can more easily apply for open positions and the HR team can post new job openings much easier. It also enables integration of job portal profiles via an external interface so interested candidates can see which openings are available.

Preconfigured processes for the employee onboarding also provide relief for the HR team.

Employee Request Management

In addition, even though a solution scenario is preconfigured, it can also expand flexibility to offer a range of preset functions that make it easy to manage, update, change, collect and interact with all data and incoming requests. This includes sick leave, vacation requests, and personnel data.

Employee Self-Service

Plus, the web-based interface enables self-service options for employees so they can easily change personal data themselves or start a request with HR.

HR Reporting

Reporting is also playing an increasingly important role in HR process management. HR management software, like OTRS, helps with this as well. By analyzing all relevant data, HR management is improved. HR managers know the exact status of the company and can easily create data lists about applications, absences, and much more.

The fact is, the tasks of HR departments are becoming more extensive and complex, just as they are in other departments. Contemporary HR management with optimal processes will, therefore, necessitate the support of BPM software, or even better, special HR management software.

And it should, because we know that our people are our greatest assets.

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