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Cloud or no cloud –
that is the question!
OTRS offers both.

Asking whether or not the cloud is
the best option for you? Consider this.


More and more companies are opting to move to the cloud. But despite the trend, this option is not necessarily the right step for every business.

When cloud solutions emerged in the 1990s, they were viewed by many as a short-term trend. That has since changed: More and more private users and companies are storing their data in the cloud. According to Bitkom, two out of three companies use cloud computing today.

Growing interest in cloud computing among OTRS customers

At OTRS, we see our customers showing more and more interest in cloud-based software operations too. Until a few years ago, the vast majority of our new customers opted for OTRS On-Premise. This means that these companies operate the software in their own data centers and want to be responsible for its maintenance and operation.

In the past year, this ratio has changed significantly: Half of all new customers currently opt for fully-managed OTRS (our cloud-based option). In this scenario, the software runs in our data centers so that customers do not have to spend their time on operation or maintenance tasks. Our Customer Solution Team provides our customers with the perfect service experience, from supporting the necessary infrastructure and ensuring smooth operation of the solution, to advising them on how to get the most out of OTRS.

At OTRS, we see our customers showing more and more interest in cloud-based software operations too.

Gartner confirms cloud trend

Not only do we observe the rising trend for cloud-based applications, but the market figures also confirm it: a forecast by market researcher Gartner predicts that the global market for cloud computing will continue to grow to USD 278.2 billion by 2021. In 2017, it was still 145.2 billion dollars.

Concerns still

Although interest in cloud solutions is growing, not all companies are following this trend. Every third company is relying on the traditional, albeit more complex, path of using On-Premise software. There are various reasons for this, but security concerns and compliance requirements are frequently cited among them. According to Bitkom, almost two thirds of non-users (63 percent) fear unauthorized access to sensitive company data. More than half (56 percent) are concerned that data could be lost in the cloud.

Global market for cloud computing will continue to grow to USD 278.2 billion by 2021.

OTRS offers both

As the manufacturer and largest service provider for the service management software OTRS, we take these concerns very seriously. We can assure our customers that the fully-managed version benefits from the highest security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers and GDPR-compliant data protection processes.

But when customers still don’t feel secure or are simply subject to specific compliance guidelines, OTRS On-Premise is there for them. They can select this option to manage and operate all necessary hardware components in-house.

In this way, we are able to meet the needs of all of our customers, providing them with a solution that suits them best regardless of their company size, IT infrastructure or industry requirements.

Find out more about fully-managed OTRS and OTRS On-Premise.

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